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NPC: Pikmin Review 0

Shigeru Miyamoto. One of the most prolific and unique video game designers of all time. It's easy to think not so positively of him though, but don't be fooled. Before moving onto a questionably simple series of games known as the Wii series, he worked on some very great and influential games. The New Play Control range can now give new gamers, and gamers who just missed out on the first release, a chance to play a critically acclaimed game series called Pikmin. In Pikmin, you control Captain O...

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Whimsical Adventures Await 0

Pikmin is Shigeru Miyamoto’s first 100% original game series on the Gamecube, and his first real-time strategy game. This is more than enough to warrant an examination. At first, it would appear to be a strategy game for kids, with cute characters and simplistic play. However, looks can be deceiving and Pikmin contains all sorts of challenges that will entertain older gamers as well. A Whole New World Olimar, a deep-space pilot, crash-lands on an alien planet. Along the way, ...

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Pikmin Play On Wii Review 0

Nintendo have released Pikmin on the Wii, sadly not a new game, but instead the first Gamecube game with Wii controls, as part of their "Play on Wii" range. Many have long made the assumption that Pikmin on Wii would work very well, given Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls...Ok, so the controls work very well, even if not entirely seamless at first - the camera sensitivity takes a little getting use to, but you do get used to it with time. It's speedy and I think it needs to be, because of the game...

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Still the fun, innovative game it was back in the GC days 0

Pikmin was among the earlier GameCube titles, among others such as Super Smash Bros. Melee and Metroid Prime. Pikmin was very fresh and innovative, though, because the concept was different than your usual game, causing it to stand out a bit. Commanding an army of little creatures called Pikmin to help a very small man when he crash lands on a strange planet just hadn't really been done in games before. Pikmin sure got it right the first time, though, in a great, creative game that earned a pret...

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It's also one of the main reasons I got a GameCube. 0

Pikmin is one of the most unique games I've played. It's also one of the main reasons I got a GameCube.You are a tiny astronaut, about half an inch tall, named Captain Olimar, who has crash landed on the planet of the Pikmin, similar looking to Earth. Your ship has broken apart and you must find the pieces scattered about somebodies backyard, or wherever you are. You meet these little Pikmin creatures that you command, using a whistle on the C-pad, to pick up parts, attack enemies, or plant toke...

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AWESOMENESS! Is like it was meant for the wii 1

Ok so heres the rundown, this game is way better than the original. It is a hard game, you have thirty days to find all 30 ship parts,  but, the good thing is, you only have to collect 25 of the parts to complete the game *phew*. I am not far in, im on day 14 the day im writing this, i have so far collected 5 parts, and discovered the forest navel, which is a hard area, and discovered the red, yellow, and blue pikmin. The controls are excellent, the wiimote and nunchuk  work just fine, it was as...

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