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In Pimp My Ride it is your job to help Xzibit pimp out customer's whips. The game is set up as an open world in which you can drive around and perform objectives as well as earn cash by crashing into other cars. In order to pimp out their rides you must complete events such as "Ghost Riding Your Whip" until you have enough money to make the car of their dreams. Once you have enough money you are given a short amount of time to race around the city to suppliers where you purchase new and crazy upgrades to the junkers the customers once had. Ultimately, it is your job to pimp out Xzibit's ride.

List of Customers

CustomerVehicleInterestsMinimum Budget 
 Marcia '72 Ransacker Modeling, Fashion, Salsa Dancing $5000
 Andrea '84 Bruiser Music, Shopping, Food $5250
 Hari '70 Popularis Surfing, Cooking, Socializing $5500
 Leon '68 Santiago Tornado Boxing, Working out, Gardening $7300
 Alix '88 PCM Rancher Tattooing, Rodeo, Vintage Clothing $7450
 Aiyana '92 Enyz Metalwork and sculpture $7600
 Jason '64 Libra Escapade Basketball and Astronomy $12000
 Sandra '90 Cambridge SS Song Writing and Poetry $12300
 Zeke  '93 Comet Recording Music and Mixing Beats $12600
 Na '96 Z1 Catalan Career Success, Gadgets, Stocks and Shares $15800
 Jewels  '91 Pandemic TV Production, Kickboxing, New Puppy "Sparkle" $16000
 Vinny  '56 Racer XL Running His Own Taxi Company $16200
 Chadborn '74 Brightstar Movies, Acting and Scriptwriting $21000
 Satomi '87 Box-Top Van Drumming and Touring with Her Band $21250
 Lucas  '72 Passion Wagon  Fantasy Role Playing Games and Weaponry $21500
 Xzibit Grandiose De-Lux Pimping Rides, Lifestyles and Companies $N/A


  • Jelly Roll- "Black & Brown"
  • A.Joiner feat. D. Drew- "The Whole World"
  • Jelly Roll- " Invade My Space"
  • Kurupt feat. Don Blaze- " Say It to My Face"
  • Japhia Life- "Bounce"
  • Zion- " Dance of the Warrior"
  • La Rhymes- "Move Da Crowd"
  • La Rhymes- "That's My Jam"
  • The Scavenjaz- "UR Girl"

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