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Messing with the Fluids... 0

  Note: The gameplay footage consists of me playing utilizing the YouTube upload feature. Pixeljunk Shooter is the fourth title in the franchise that started off with Racers, Monsters, and Eden. These are some of the better downloadable games out there on Playstation Network with consistent sense of providing original and unorthodox gameplay experiences. Shooter continues Q Games' notion of providing that same experience by taking a similar concept, the twin-stick shooter, and then mix it in ...

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A uniqe title that's over too soon. 0

 I have no prior experience with the Pixel Junk franchise, however, Pixel Junk Shooter is a fantastic representation of the series in its high-res 2D glory. In spite of the game being called Pixel Junk Shooter, that doesn't represent the game very well. The game is more about elemental puzzles and level exploration rather than blowing stuff up. Despite being an artistic feat, Pixel Junk Shooter is too easy of a game and is over before you know it which will make it a tougher sell to some peopl...

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Fluidy Fluids 0

PixelJunk Shooter is the 4th game in the PixelJunk series developed by Q-Games, but I think Shooter isn't such a great name for this game. I would have probably called it PixelJunk Elements since that is the main theme of this downloadable game and they are what make it so fun and unique. The story of Shooter is that a mining crew has been trapped on an alien planet and you must go save them. You'll go through three worlds picking up the mining crew but what's even more important are the diamond...

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It's got some cool ideas, but it fails to make full use of 'em 0

It's many years in the future, and mankind has expended its reign across the galaxy by colonizing planets far and wide. But with resources depleting as a result of the colonization, expeditions begin being launched across the universe in search of new resources.  On one such expedition, however, something goes awry, leaving a mining crew trapped on planet Apoxus Prime, along with numerous monsters. Having picked up an SOS signal, a lone ship is sent into the depths of the dangerous planet...

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Tremendous old school shooter fun, so close to greatness. 0

  With the Pixel Junk series Q-games has been positioned as one of the top tear downloadable developers. There latest entry Pixel Junk Shooter is no exception. But falls ever so short greatness. Containing some of the best and most fun to play PSN titles to date the pixel junk series is a favorite of many gamers. Classic game play with cutting age 2d graphics and a stylistic sense of art. Shooter continues this tradition. Set in the distant future players take control of a small rescue vessel se...

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Brilliant fun, with appropriate length for the price 0

There have been more than a few good downloadable 2D games to come out this generation. The best of all of them might be PixelJunk Shooter. It is a colorful and stylish dual stick shooter, with lots of great puzzles, excellent fluid physics, and a great soundtrack. The most common flaw pointed out for this game is its length, but even that isn’t bad for the price. If you overlooked this gem back in 2009, it should be next on your “to do” list for downloadable PS3 games.Pixeljunk Shooter is anoth...

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PixelJunk Avoid Magma And Rescue Spacemen 0

PixelJunk Shooter is a misnomer. Although it controls like a dual-joystick shooter, blasting enemies is not where the game’s real challenge or excitement comes from. Players are put in control of a space ship equipped with lasers, rockets, and a claw-game-like arm, with the task of rescuing survivors stranded on a dangerous planet. After rescuing (or accidentally killing) all survivors on the screen the player gains access to the next segment of the level. Stages contain a decent variety of enem...

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PixelJunk Shooter 0

 For the last couple years, Q-Games have been making the PixelJunk series of games, quick downloadable titles on the PlayStation Network that have apparently been improving over time, though this is the first one I've been interested in. The "Shooter" title was chosen in a contest, and I don't think it's quite an accurate name for what the game really is.  Yeah, you and possibly a second player fly around in little space ships, shooting at enemies, but that's not the core of the experience. It's...

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