I have 5 versions of Plants VS Zombies.

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Ok so I just finished Peggle on Sunday, and since then I've been wanting to play more Popcap games. I felt like playing some Plants VS Zombies, I have it on the PS3, Mac disc, Steam and iPhone. I was going to play it on the Mac, but I was like fuck discs man, and I spent £6.99 on the Mac App store and bought it there. I even know full well I had it on Steam, so I really do not know why I bought it on Mac, but yeah I did.

Do you own multiple versions of the same game, if so what game and how many?

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This game is probably the worst for me for multiple versions:




Blackberry Playbook

I totally considered getting it for PS3 but... no. No. No. I can't. I can't.

Admittedly, I don't really play the iPod version that much. I beat the Steam version. I'm playing through on Playbook right now because it just looks so pretty. And, y'know, what else am I gonna do with a Playbook, right?

The one version that still truly has legs for me is the DS version, since it has the unreasonably fun VS mode. My fiancee and I will bust that occasionally and have a pretty solid time with it.

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I own Twilight Princess and RE4 in both Wii and GC and that's about it.

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I own 4 copies of Catherine (Japanese 360 & PS3, English 360 & PS3), 3 copies of FF13 (Japanese PS3, Chinese PS3, English PS3) and 5 copies of Devil May Cry 4. And this is just off the top of my head.

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PvZ and the first two Oddworlds are my most numerous. PvZ and PvZ GOTY on the PC, and PvZ on the Kindle Fire. Oddworld on Steam, GOG, and D2D.

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I think I've bought World of Goo close to 10 times now.

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Darn, I thought you were gifting Plants vs. Zombies. I don't own a copy.
As for your question, I did in the past, but all those games got traded in. I did own Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 for 4 different platforms.

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I have peggle on ipod, iphone, 360, steam and DS. I have a peggle problem.

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About 10 copies of Starcraft but I have no idea where ANY of them are.

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