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The Plasma Repeater is the general spawning weapon for Elite load-outs, which essentially makes it the Covenant version of the Assault Rifle. The Plasma Repeater plays similarly to the Assault Rifle and Plasma Rifle from Halo 3, meaning that it is fully automatic and has a high rate-of-fire, however, the Plasma Repeater is more powerful than Halo 3's Plasma Rifle and the bullet spread has been described as "wider". As with all plasma weapons in the Halo games, the Plasma Repeater is more effective against shields than the Assault Rifle, but not as damaging to health. The plasma bolts also have travel time (like all plasma weaponry), so the Assault Rifle has the upper hand in this respect.

As the Plasma Repeater is fired continuously, its rate-of-fire slows the longer the trigger is held down. To counteract this effect, the weapon fires more accurately as it heats up due to the slower rate-of-fire. Pressing the reload button vents the weapon, allowing it to be shot at its normal rate-of-fire.

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