Amazon Instant Video any thoughts

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So this came out today. Any thoughts? I haven't used it yet but some people on the internet are talking about replacing Netflix with it.

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@Shakezula84 said:

So this came out today. Any thoughts? I haven't used it yet but some people on the internet are talking about replacing Netflix with it.

I would not replace netflix with it. If you don't have a prime account, you have to pay for every rental. Even with a Prime account, the amount of shows and movies available as a prime member seem kinda shitty, as most of what is offered is already on Netflix instant. The interface is kinda lame too.

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I really like it. I liked the roaster(TROLL HUNTER!!!), it has a decent selection of TV shows(the whole seasons of Lost. Finally!! I can finish this show).

Consiering that I already have Amazon Prime account, and I don't have cables, this is a huge plus for me.

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I haven't tried it on PS3 yet but I've been using it on my Roku for for quite some time now. As previously stated above, the free selection for Prime members isn't all that great, but otherwise it's a decent way to pay for shows and movies.

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Just downloaded it.

First thoughts... who put Microsoft's Metro style in my PS3? In other words... I like it. It's like an Xbox interface minus all the ads.

Maybe this is normal tho? I haven't downloaded many apps other than Netflix and this on my PS3.

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It's okay. I feel like the UI is pretty terrible and most of what's on there is on Netflix at the moment. Hopefully it gets better.

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If you already have amazon prime for free shipping theres no reason not to like the Instant Prime Vids, You basically get a huge selection of free movies and tv shows to watch. Granted most of them you'd probably rather watch a tree grow than watch but there are a few gems in the mix. Best Tv shows for prime right now is Arrested Development and The X-Files for me. Plus they have several Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes :). If you dont have prime it may not be worth it.

But i totally agree with interface it definitley needs some work.

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Amazon Instant is better for renting movies than the Prime Library. They typically have a daily deal (usually $.99) and weekend deals ($1.99) that are not terrible.

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I just recently started using this app and it's been working pretty well. I have prime and the library isn't fantastic but its nice to have the options. It's great instant rental as well.

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I like it. I watched the Resident Evil CG (Degeneration?) movie on the second day of the service and there was maybe only a couple of half second hiccups. Picture quality was on par with Netflix.

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