"HD" PS2 Games on Backwards Compatible PS3

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I have Burnout 3 coming in the mail, and I want to make sure I'm playing it with the best video quality available. According to the wiki page above, Burnout 3 supports 16:9 and 480p on PS2. Since I'll be playing this on my PS3, is there a way to make sure the game is in progressive scan mode? Or to put it simply, does the PS3 automatically output compatible PS2 games in HD? If not are there settings on the PS3/PS2 emulator? I know some PS2 titles required button inputs to enable progressive scan mode (God of War had a button combination in the settings menu, some required you to hold buttons when the PS2 was starting up), so I just want to make whether its in game or system level for PS3. Thanks for your help!

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Well, there's this thing where you can easily search for information called Google. You just go there and enter keywords. Here, I've already done it for you.

...OK, just hold triangle and x at the load screen.

Anyway, I don't know much about how the backwards compatible PS3's handle PS2 games, but it likely renders them in whatever resolutions the game supports and then upscales them to whatever resolution it's outputting, probably 720p.

And because I started this on a smug dick-ish note, I'll end it on one - the best video quality available is an emulator on PC.

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Thank you for your dick-wrapped gesture of kindness, but it doesn't exactly answer my question. For most PS2 games, you hold triangle and x when the PS2 starts up and goes into the game (you know, awesome sound, towers of save data). There is a youtube video that shows how to enable progressive scan mode on a ps2, and it even uses Burnout 3. Unfortunately, playing on PS3, you don't get the same start-up as a PS2 console.

If I had the game, I would happily test it out, but I guess I'm antsy. Removing the example of Burnout 3, I'm just plain curious on how the PS3 handles these progressive scan games.

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I'd be fairly certain that the PS3 emulation (especially the launch models with the Emotion Engine on board) will default to progressive mode simply because it makes the task of upscaling simpler and cleaner (no de-interlacing prior to upscale). It won't however output the games in HD, only emulators do that.

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The PS3 actually upscales really nicely on its own, I found that putting RE4 in progressive scan actually made it look worse. It should look fine. I really miss having a backwards compatible PS3, the upscaling makes a huge difference.

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