So I made this Mass Effect 3 PS3 theme...

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...and I thought what would be a better place to ask for some feedback than the GB forums. The theme contains 4 backgrounds, 3 of them are based on the fanart made by Patryk Garrett and for the one in the preview picture I used screenshots from the Mass Effect 3 trailer. Of course there is also a new XMB design and a specific sound. Hope you like it.

Preview (with character heads):

Preview(without character heads and showing another background):
Also this is my first post, YAY!
Edit (18.07.11):
Big update: I completely remade the backgrounds, they now concentrate on one specific character (or two in one case) in a more fitting environment. The theme now contains 8 backgrounds instead of 4. I uploaded those and also a new XMB preview so you can take a look.
XMB preview:

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Nice, but those icons are pretty scary. The ones with the characters heads by them. That's the only issue I have with it :)

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Yeah I think maybe just don't use the heads and it is actually really good.

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Looks pretty good, but as stated above me, those heads are kinda out of place. I would have either taken them out or done something to them, I dunno what but hey.

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Okay, I also uploaded the theme without the heads and you can see another background.

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I like icon style 2 with background 1.

Other than that, nice work.

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@ajamafalous said:
" I like icon style 2 with background 1.Other than that, nice work. "
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@ajamafalous: The backgrounds are both in both versions of the theme. Like I said, the theme contains 4 backgrounds.

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Big update (first post).

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Looks very nice..i really like the icons. Would like to download the theme if you can put them up again.

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Impressive...most impressive.

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Thanks, it took me quite some time. I will upload the theme as soon as possible.

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Nice job!

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Alright, here it is (also added the link to the first post):

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Linked for laziness.

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Great work man. These look really nice!!

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I'm gonna be the one to ask the stupid question here, but how do I get this onto my PS3?

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ahhhhh this is very nice

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  @creamypies said:

I'm gonna be the one to ask the stupid question here, but how do I get this onto my PS3?

Put it on a USB stick in the folder PS3/THEME. Then you go to theme settings and choose install. Now you should be able to install the theme from your USB stick.
@Mr Skeleton: This is the old version of the theme. Those character heads are no longer in it. Here is the preview that shows how it looks now.
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Updated Mordin background preview (first post).

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