Want to upgrade PS3 super Slim Hard Drive

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I have a PS3 Super slim 12gb and I wanted to make 500gb so what to buy which is cheap and good and how to make it work

I need fast replies

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Well 3 days ago you sure got fast replies. I went with a Western Digital drive forget the model, I got it for $75 which at the time I got it was pretty cheap probably gone done a good bit since then. I just Googled best hard drives for PS3 and eventually found a list of drives that people considered the most compatible. Some drives used to even advertise themselves as PS3 compatible. And its not hard to find instructions how to get set up. Get a phillips head screw driver and prepare for frustration if you hit the lottery with shitty screws. If it works fine for you its easy as hell. If you're unlucky you can have a ton of issues with the screws.

Also 120GB? How did you get a super slim in 120GB? I can only find two SKUs 250GB and 500GB. And the 500GB model is only $30 more. Less than the cost of buying a 500 gig drive by itself.

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I went on newegg and picked up a refurbished 500 gb drive for like $40. Works great for me. I have an original ps3 fat 60 gb though. I felt like it was a good deal considering I payed that much for a used 120 gb hard drive for my 360. This is the one I got.If you're not into refurbished drives I'm sure you can shop around on amazon or something. Its just a 2.5" hard drive.

Im sure it's not much harder than on the fat to switch it out. You need an external hard drive formatted to fat32. Youll back up your data onto that using an option on the xmb, plug in the new internal hard drive and then restore your data from the external hard drive. Its a pretty circuitous method but it seems to be the only way.

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