Anyone know how the PS4 handles cloud saves

#1 Posted by Mustainium (323 posts) -

Last night my PS4 went into a Safe Mode death loop, which meant I had to wipe my hard drive in order to fix it.

Problem is, I don't know if my saves are forever gone, since I rarely place my PS4 into sleep mode (I just turn it off).

To add insult to injury, the PSN is down yet again so I can't check for myself, but does anyone here with more knowledge on the matter think my saves will survive?

I'd really hate to lose my Black Flag save, considering how long that game is.

On a related note, does anyone if Diablo characters are saved onto the HDD, or does Blizzard have their own cloud save system? I had just transferred over my 360 characters and would also hate to lose them.

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