Vertical or Horizontal?

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Poll: Vertical or Horizontal? (115 votes)

Vertical 22%
Horizontal 71%
Vertical with the stand 7%

I might have made this post already,as I'm sure many others have as well, but how do you guys keep your PS4 and your reasoning for it? I keep mine vertical without the stand. I keep it at an angle next to my TV because it looks cool. I plan on getting a stnd in the future tho.

#1 Posted by schreiberty (224 posts) -

I keep it horizontal right next to my computer monitor so I can put my laptop on it.

#2 Posted by Fear_the_Booboo (772 posts) -

Mine is horizontal.

It creates a big problem that I did not have with the PS3 though, which is that the cat sits on it while it's running.

Seriously, get your shit together Sony and make me an anti-cat console.

#3 Posted by bybeach (5191 posts) -

Mine is horizontal.

It creates a big problem that I did not have with the PS3 though, which is that the cat sits on it while it's running.

Seriously, get your shit together Sony and make me an anti-cat console.

I wanted to hear horizontal, because that is my only choice. My cat goes after the receiver.

#4 Posted by Mistzero (351 posts) -

Ahh the beginning of a new console generation always have these sort of post, feel nostalgic about the time when I bought my ps3 and these were the type of questions asked on forums. Anyways, I have my ps4 horizontally and my ps3 superslim verically.

#5 Edited by Dallas_Raines (2269 posts) -

Horizontal, I've gone through several traumatic experiences with vertical systems.

#6 Posted by cloudymusic (1421 posts) -

After past consoles have had various issues with standing vertically (scratching discs, disc read issues, heat, etc), I've stopped even entertaining the idea. Also...I have cats, and I don't trust them.

#7 Posted by oldenglishC (1114 posts) -

Doggy style.

#8 Posted by killer_meatballs (527 posts) -

Horizontal because of my cabinet, and also because vertical just doesn't look right to me. I'm weird, I know.

#9 Edited by IrrelevantJohn (1156 posts) -

Once I get an Xbox One then I'm going to have to make the PS4 stand.

#10 Posted by Buneroid (443 posts) -

I had mine horizontal but then put it in a tv stand and it wont fit vertically anymore. Also it seems to have gotten a lot quieter than when it was vertical?

#11 Posted by McShank (1649 posts) -

I am gonna have to say, curved.

#12 Posted by Nubikal (111 posts) -

Living life on the wild side... Vertical with no protection. No room for it to lie down in this place.

#13 Posted by Nasar7 (3001 posts) -

Vertical next to my tv all sexy like. Dat pulsing light.

#14 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7802 posts) -

Vertical because of the lack of space on my desk...

What the hell am I going to do when I get an Xbox One? Stupid Microsoft and their anti-vertical agenda.

#15 Edited by Demoskinos (16438 posts) -

Just got mine tonight. Currently standing vertical with no real problems. Unless someone bumps into my desk with excessive force it should be fine. The PS3 has been fine all of these years vertical.

#16 Posted by handlas (2932 posts) -

I balance it on a corner. I like to live dangerously.

#17 Posted by Timoti87 (9 posts) -

Horizontal, fits right in the gap below my TV stand.

#18 Edited by Poonz (163 posts) -

Horizontal, no where to put it Vertical. Fit perfect in my stand that way.

#19 Posted by phantomzxro (1607 posts) -

Just the safe bet for me as i have the space for it.

#20 Edited by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

Horizontal because it goes under the TV stand.

#21 Posted by Mister_V (1689 posts) -

Vertical behind my TV. I don't have enough room to have it horizontal (I had to build a shelf for the XBONE)

#22 Posted by psylah (2273 posts) -

Vertical, with the stand.

You stand-less vertical PS4ers are cruisin' for a bruisin'.

#23 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

I get a nice bladerunner vide from it when it's horizontal. living in the future.

#24 Posted by Deadmanforking (584 posts) -

Horizontal all day every day!

#25 Posted by Demoskinos (16438 posts) -

@psylah: Why? The thing is like a good 7-8 lbs. The bottom of it is flat and wide enough for it to stand up. The stands are just a scam maaaaan.

#26 Edited by psylah (2273 posts) -

@demoskinos: I'm joking. The stand is for looks at best, and is best at looks. How it works is interesting though, two rubber cubes go into the central groove of the system, and rotating the two knobs on the bottom squeezes and makes them expand to the sides, giving it friction grip.

#28 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6350 posts) -

I always go horizontal.

#29 Edited by Ezekiel (772 posts) -

Don't have one. The slanted shape would make it easy to insert discs and USB while the system lies flat. I wouldn't want to risk it falling over, and it's small enough that it shouldn't get in the way in either position. It also makes more sense to me symmetrically.

#30 Edited by Addfwyn (1982 posts) -

Seriously, get your shit together Sony and make me an anti-cat console.

Nothing is cat proof.

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