How to Increase Download Speeds!

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I've always had an issue with the PS3 and their sluggish download speeds, while my 360 never had this issue. This made me totally neglect the console in favor of my 360. A few weeks ago, I decided to give my PS3 a chance because I was tired of having to pay to play online. It's been a real struggle with downloading system updates and taking advantage of the "free" games as a newly instated Playstation Plus member. Sluggish is an understatement when referring to my download experience, it's just pathetic. I started download Counter Strike (2278 MB) around 2200hrs last night and I reached 50% of the download today at 1400hrs. Even downloading Renegade Ops was a test of patience that I managed to barely pass. I was close to losing all hope of finding a solution until I found a thread with a written tutorial.

After following the steps and connecting my PS3 to a proxy server, I decided to give it another try and download Counter Strike. I was skeptical, but my download speed has sped up substantially. I'm at 20% and I've only been downloading for 10 minutes. It may not be the fastest download around, but it's better than waiting 23 hours to download less than 3 gigs. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up and save you some time.

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Bump. Did this and holy shit does it make a difference! Everyone should do it.

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This actually tripled my download speed from PSN! Thank you! :D

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Since this was necro'd i gave it a shot, with the proxy i got 11.3Mbps (31 minutes for Dead Rising 2 OtR), without i got 12.8Mbps (22 minutes for the same game) results might vary depending on setup, but then again i never had a problem with psn speeds...

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would this work if my computer is set up via wifi to my router and my PS3 via cable?


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Bumpin this!

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Anyone care to summarize the info; I'm not particularly interested in going to a site called

My download speeds where never terrible, the last major update to the store did improve my speeds though and I'm getting things as fast as I do on Steam now.

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Oh wow this works great, how did I never think to try this... The PS3 sucks so bad when downloading directly but for some reason telling it to use a simple HTTP proxy server on the network gives a huge speed boost! Thanks!!

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My speeds have always been a little slower then say my actual PC but I never had to wait to long. 1gb game = about 10-15mins. Dont think I will do the proxy until someone summarizes it as like KidAvenger above me says, I dont feel the need to go to a site that has Hax in the name and is a .net ..

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In my case I already have Squid running on my firewall so I just pointed the network settings there. That "hax" site just details how to install a free Windows proxy server. Nothing to worry about.

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