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Hey just wondering how/why you can link XBL, steam and WoW accounts but not PSN - as I have more trophies than achievements and can't show them off to the Giantbomb community

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Cause Sony is a prick

#3 Posted by MeierTheRed (5025 posts) -

You can't. Has to with some API stuff if i recall. There was a brief period where you could tho.

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Sony do not share trophy data with websites. If/when they allow it, PSN/trophy support on Giant Bomb will be an extremely high priority for the staff to include on the site, but until that happens they can't do anything about it.

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Try out

#6 Posted by ian280291 (151 posts) -
@MattyFTM: i have a account with - why cant this happen on Giantbomb?
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@ian280291: I don't know how does it, you'll have to ask them that, but Sony generally does not share trophy data with third parties.

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