Looking for 2D PSP games

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I really like playing games on my PSP but I really dislike playing 3D games because more times then not the camera controls are total shit and fuck up the entire experience. I just finished playing the original Final Fantasy remaster and the game look fucking great. I would like to know what other 2D PSP games are out there for me to play. Any suggestions would be great.

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Tales of Eternia, Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles and Rupupu Cube: Lup Salad Portable Matatabi are great 2D games you ought to play (at least if you haven't experienced the original versions -- all three are ports of games that are 10+ years old). If you live in America you're going to have to do some importing (the Tales of Eternia port was only localized for Europe, while Rupupu Cube was only released in Japan -- don't worry, it doesn't require knowledge of the language), but I'd say it's well worth it. 

Oh, and LocoRoco is decent fun as well.

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ClaDun: This is an RPG is a great little 2D action-RPG thingy that's kinda like diablo. I wrote a review of it. If you would like more details. (Shameless plug, sorry :O) 
 There's also Exit, which is a cool puzzle platformer, Patapon is a super fun rythm-strategy hybrid. 
Oh, and there's always the Sega Megadrive (Genesis?) collection. The PSP version of which is by far the best emulation they've managed with those collections.

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