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So I'm thinking about getting a Vita soon since I just got some extra cash.

  • Of course I've already decided that I will get Persona 4 Golden in a few months but any other good games to check out?
  • Should I stick with digital downloads? If I do just get digital downloads will I need a larger memory card? I hear 4GB a lot but that doesn't sound like it would be enough.
  • Do I constantly have to uninstall/reinstall games on to the memory cards because there isn't enough room?
  • Games I've previously bought on PSN (Persona 3: FES, MGS, FF7, etc) will they work on the Vita or will I have to buy their own special versions?
  • Is the system comfortable for long gaming sessions unlike the 3DS where my hands hurt after an hour or so?
  • How is the connectivity between the PS3 and Vita? Anything cool?

Any information will be great, thanks!!!

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If you do go digital you definitely need a big memory card. Mortal Kombat was around 3 gigs itself.

I've played both Persona 3 and MGS on the Vita and they work fine, I'm not sure about FF7 though.

It is hugely more comfortable than the 3DS. I couldn't play it for more than a half hour without my hands cramping up. The Vita does get annoying sometimes when you accidentally touch the back touchpad.

Edit: I didn't catch it the first time, but only Persona 3 Portable works on the Vita, not FES. No PS2 classics can be played on the Vita yet, just some PS1 games.

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Are you a fan of Disgaea or turn-based strategy RPGs? The Vita version of Disgaea 3 is pretty neat from what little I've played of it (just purchased a Vita over the weekend myself).

If you're getting a 4GB memory stick, you'll want to stick to physical games instead of downloads, most games take up around 500MB to a couple of GB which will fill up a 4GB stick fast. Install/reinstalls are dependent on what size stick you get.

For games that work on both the PS3 and the Vita, I'd check the Cross Buy page here on Giant Bomb and/or go to the Vita Games section to see what PS1/PSP titles work on the Vita and what games have special features when used with the PS3 and Vita versions of games. If you purchase Sound Shapes or that Motorstorm RC game, you get both the PS3 and Vita versions of those games. Out of what you listed, I know FES doesn't work on the Vita (no PS2 Classics do currently, though if you have Persona 3 Portable, then you're set as long as you don't mind not having the extra story stuff from FES, you can just Youtube it if you need to) and Final Fantasy VII does, not really sure about MGS.

Haven't done a lot with connecting my Vita to the PS3 so I can't help you there. The back screen is a bit irritating for Disgaea 3 but there's an option for turning that off.

Hope some of this helps you out on making a decision when you get the money you need to purchase a Vita.

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Don't stick with digital-only downloads, in my opinion. I have a 16GB card, and I've already been full for awhile and am constantly shuffling. Retail games can get large, so between LittleBigPlanet, Mortal Kombat and MGS: HD Collection and a handful of PSN games, I'm pretty full. I imagine that down the road, you'll want more than 3 or 4 games at your fingertips.

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@gumdealer: How drastic are the changes between FES and Portable?

@Sargus: So stick with physical copies, but how much memory do saves and some downloadable games take up? Basically what size memory card would be the best?

@SMTDante89: What is Disgaea similar too? I prefer Turn Based RPGs over some other ones but even then I'm picky. If it is anything like Persona series I'm on board.

Thanks for the information duders!!!!

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@Nightriff: It's pretty drastic. The biggest addition is that you can play the entire game as a female protagonist. She has different social links and you can control your party like in Persona 4. There are also no anime cutscenes, and the world outside of tartarus is made up of 2D screens that you use a cursor to navigate instead of walking around. It's definitely worth a second playthrough with the female protagonist.

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@gumdealer: .....I'm playing the FES version then

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@Nightriff said:

@Sargus: So stick with physical copies, but how much memory do saves and some downloadable games take up? Basically what size memory card would be the best?

@SMTDante89: What is Disgaea similar too? I prefer Turn Based RPGs over some other ones but even then I'm picky. If it is anything like Persona series I'm on board.

Thanks for the information duders!!!!

I'd get an 8 or 16Gb card depending on how many downloadable titles(PS1 and PSN games not retail releases) you think you may have. If you want the PS1 RPGs on there they can be pretty hefty in game size and some of the downloadable PSN vita games push a gig.

Disgaea is a turn-based strategy RPG similar to Final Fantasy Tactics in the way it plays.

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  • Sadly, great games for the Vita are hard to come by right now. If you haven't played Rayman Origins and enjoy 2d Sidescrollers, the Vita version is fantastic. As mentioned before, Disgaea 3 is a pretty awesome tactical RPG. Mutant Blobs Attack and Sound Shapes are pretty great and really cheap downloads. If you like football, I hear Madden 13 is solid, and if you like fighters I hear MK9 is quite good. LittleBigPlanet comes out next week, or now if you want to go to GameStop, and the early buzz around that is pretty good.
  • I have the 32gb memory card, and I have all digital games except 2, and haven't come near hitting the cap yet. That decision is personal preference. For a handheld, I want everything to be digital only except the one game I plan to keep in the cartridge slot. When I take the system with me, I want all the games I want to play to be available without carrying around a bunch of carts alongside it. 
  • If you're sticking with mainly physical copies, the 8gb stick would serve you fine. If you want to have some of each, go for 16gb, and only go 32gb if you plan to mostly download stuff or if you find a really, really good deal. I don't think the 4gb stick is even worth considering.
  • PSP and PSone games you've bought on the PSN previously will work with the Vita - eventually. Once or twice a week, they've been updating the Vita store to allow people to download more titles. I hear if you have a PS3, there's a workaround to get a majority of your content available on the Vita, but I haven't dabbled in that since I don't have a PS3. They're slowly but surely enabling all of the games, for example Persona 3 Portable worked at launch, FF7 was added not to long ago, and just today Symphony of the Night was released. Since I bought all of these on my PSP, I was able to download them free of charge to the Vita when they became available.
  • The Vita is one of the most comfortable handheld systems I've ever had. I've played games for hours either standing, sitting, or lying back in bed without ever having an issue. For reference, I know exactly what you mean with the 3DS, as my hands start to cramp pretty quickly when using the physical controls, and I've found myself completely unable to use that system while in bed if I'm playing something like New Super Mario Bros. It's a shame. I've never had that kind of issue with the Vita.
Hope that helps!
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other good games to check out?



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@Nightriff: Yeah, that's the version I would recommend first. Luckily Persona 4 Golden doesn't make any compromises like P3P did.

I forgot to mention before, Persona 3 Portable doesn't have the epilogue campaign that FES has. I didn't care for it too much, but it is pretty lengthy.

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I bought some of the bigger games in Physical format. Then bought the smaller games in digital.

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1. Other good games? Why, check out the constantly updated Valorously Valuable List of Vita Games.

2. I'm all digital and I can not recommend it enough. 32 gigs is more then enough space, if it ever fills up you can always delete the games you are not actively playing to get more space. I have yet to fill mine up though. The memory cards are very pricey, but once you have the convenience of being able to play a game with a tap without needing to worry about tiny cards that can get lost, you will never want to go back. Another big downside to going all digital is that the games on the PSN store rarely drop in price.

3. Once again, if you get a 32 gig card, uninstalling and reinstalling shouldn't be a problem.

4. Previously bought games on PSN will work with the Vita.

5. The system is more comfortable then the 3DS, but I have never really had a problem with either system.

6. Connectivity with the PS3 is pretty cool, like being able to play God of War or Ico on the Vita using remote play. Also, there are the games that when you buy one version you get both free, like Sound Shapes and Pinball FX 2. Then there is the future stuff like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and Guacamele!.

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