Help me identify this random PS1 game.

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Hey guys! So i'm trying to remember a PS1 game.

I remember the year was 2001, and I played it only briefly in a demo kiosk at a "Nobody Beats The Wiz" store, back when those were still around.

My parents were getting broadband internet and had to get a cable modem from the store. I also remember it was likely January of 2001 because this was the same day I got Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast, which came out in November of 2000 and I remember getting that game with my Christmas money.

Anyway, here's what I remember about the game:

  1. It was polygonal.
  2. It was a side-scroller
  3. The characters seemed to be anime inspired, and felt very cartoony with vibrant colors... I think one of them may have had blue spiky hair.
  4. It's definitely NOT Tomba.
  5. There was a lot of dialogue, making it feel almost like a JRPG...
  6. The level I played, you were in a jungle or swamp of some kind, and in the level, you eventually ended up getitng into a boss firht with these two guys who were trying to kidnap a little girl... One was tall & thin, the other was fat & short, and they MAY have been wearing safari hunter outfits too, but I'm not 100% sure.

Does anybody know what game this is?

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Ah, after doing a little more searching of my own... I found out what the game was:

It's the 1999 Squaresoft RPG Threads of Fate.

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It sounds a bit like Klonoa, but that came out in 1998, so that may disqualify it.

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And nobody read the second post.
Glad you found the game though, also gave me a reason to find the game and pop it back in the Playstation and play it.

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@zeforgotten said:

And nobody read the second post.

Glad you found the game though, also gave me a reason to find the game and pop it back in the Playstation and play it.

Funny thing, I've also played both Tomba and Klonoa in store demo kiosks back then... it just wasn't the game I was thinking of here, lol.

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I played the demo for Threads of Fate a few times; though the demo for Front Mission 3 was much better since it was like 5 hours long.

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Holy shit, the second I read the title of this post, before I even clicked I thought "It's probably Threads of Fate" because I too played that demo and forgot the name only to rediscover it out many years later.

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Looks like OP triple OG found the answer, so I'm lockin' this down... like a baaaawwwwsssss.

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