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Pleurghburg is a free game created using the also free AGS engine. It's a point-and-click adventure that tells the story of the detective Jake McUrk. In the introduction we learn that the city of Pleurghburg was once riddled with crime but recently the PDA (Police Detective Agency), of which Jake is part of, put and end to all of this. It all seems to be at peace in the city, but everything is about to take a change to worse. A weird cult has arisen, and they want to bring chaos again to Pleurghburg. It's up to Jake McUrk to stop them.

For a free game the quality of Pleurghburg is quite surprising. It features additional languages beside english, and an interesting and well written plot. The game branches at some points, allowing you to investigate different parts of the city and presents multiple endings. It also happens to be quite lenghty; it takes about 10 to 15 hours on the first playthrough, more than some retail games.

At its release time Pleurghburg was very well received by the indie community winning several AGS awards. Gaspop software had announced that another game in the series, Pleurghburg: Dark Asylum, was being made but their site activity disappeared over the years and no such game was ever released.

The full game can be downloaded at the AGS official site.

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