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The plunger is the item used on a pinball machine to launch a ball into the playfield. There are two types of plungers used in a typical pinball machine.

Mechanical Plunger

An Example of a Mechanical Plunger
An Example of a Mechanical Plunger

A mechanical plunger is the oldest and most common type of plunger used in pinball machines. These types of plungers are built using springs, a rod, and a handle. Sometimes a pinball machine can also use a mechanical plunger that also contains an autoplunger for things like multiballs.


An Example of an Autoplunger
An Example of an Autoplunger

An autoplunger, which was not used until more modern pinball machines is capable of launching a ball into the playfield without the player physically pulling back a plunger. Autoplungers can be used in all kinds of shapes and sizes that range from a simple button to a more elaborate handle made to look like another object, such as a gun. Autoplungers are often used to launch balls onto the playfield for a multiball automatically without the player needing to worry about it.

Some examples of tables that use an autoplunger are:

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