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Starting the second year of high school, YOU (input name at the beginning) are the protagonist. Your new life starts from the first day of school (April 14th) and ends when you confess your love to one of the heroines on Christmas (December 25th). At the beginning of each week, you select two activities to "work on" and "try your best at" for each day of the week. The activity selected will raise the appropriate stat (studying raises KNOWLEDGE, personal grooming raises LOOKS). By raising the right stat, it's possible to deepen the relationship with certain heroines. Most of the gameplay is watching in-game events with different results based on your current stat. On Sundays, it's possible to select where you want to go for the day, such as going to the game center or using the money you earned at your part-time for gifts. CDs of voice actresses reading the lines of the characters were released with some copies of the game, making it possible to listen to the heroines speaking instead of simply reading their lines.


Ruruna Saeki

Voiced by: Mariko Kouda

Birthday - June 14th

Blood type - A

Childhood friend and in the same class as the protagonist. A class beauty and popular with the boys. A member of the handicrafts clubs. Her hobbies are knitting and shopping. Not being the best with studies, there are moments in the game where this heroine has trouble answering the teacher's questions or forget lines on stage of the school festival performance. Possibly due to her being the "main heroine" of the game, getting the confession scene is rather difficult and known for being the most difficult to receive a "Happy End". Also appears in the sequel "Pocket Love 2" and "Pocket Love ~if~".

Mizuki Takao

Voiced by: Junko Iwao

Birthday - October 10th

Blood type - O

In the same class as the protagonist. A tomboy who prides herself in being good at every sport. Member of the track and field club. Other than sports, her hobby is star gazing. Not used to talking with boys, she could be rather blunt and straight to the point to those she's not familiar with. Also appears in the sequel "Pocket Love 2" and "Pocket Love ~if~".

Yumi Matsuda

Voiced by: Yuuko Miyamura

Birthday - August 12th

Blood type - B

In her third year of high school, one year above the protagonist. Works part-time at a hamburger shop instead of joining a club. Being a year senior, she supposes the "older sister" type character by being kind and helpful. Her hobbies are taking walks and chatting. There is a scene in the game with the older brother of your friend self proclaiming this heroine as his girlfriend.Also appears in the sequel "Pocket Love 2" and "Pocket Love ~if~".

Mirii Morizono

Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue

Birthday: September 21st

Blood type: A

A transfer student, and in the same class as the protagonist. Wears glasses, and is known for grinding away at her studies and her top grades. Always has the best scores in exams. The older of her identical twin Marii Morizono. If she were to remove her glasses and unbind her hair, she would look exactly like her younger sister. Her hobby is the board game Go, and is in the Go club. Normally a very serious girl, but she also likes video games and is proud of her skills. Also appears in the sequel "Pocket Love 2".

Marii Morizono

Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue

Birthday: September 21st

Blood type: A

The younger twin sister of Marii Morizono. She transferred in at the same time, but the protagonist meets her later in the game. An exact opposite personality as her sister, an irresponsible girl that would rather play around than study. Her hobby is karaoke. The protagonists can run into her at the bookstore where she'll most likely be reading on the latest trends in fashion magazines. Like her sister, she also likes video games. Also appears in the sequel "Pocket Love 2".

Suzune Aikawa

Voiced by: Kyouko Hikami

Birthday: November 30th

Blood type: B

An underclassman of the protagonist by one year. An absentminded girl that daydreams as a hobby. A very timid girl who's terribly shy of strangers. Because of her personality, her chatting companion is a pet turtle. Having a weak body, she dislikes PE class. Also appears in the sequel "Pocket Love 2".

Momoyo Shinozawa

Voiced by: Chisa Yokoyama

Birthday: July 19th

Blood type: AB

A cheerful girl with many friends because of her outgoing personality and love of conversing. Known to hang out with the Morizono sisters. Has quite the unusual personality compared to the other characters. Absolutely loves computers and video games, and her favorite drink is milk. Modeled after the singer and TV talent Tomoe Shinohara, thus the resemblance in her unique habit of speaking. Also appears in the sequel "Pocket Love 2" and "Pocket Love ~if~".

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