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Posted by xite


Posted by DirtyRandy

hella swag 420 blaze it

Posted by kata

The earliest of casts!

Posted by ZironZ

Ah shit!

I wonder what today's tweet of the week was!

Posted by SgtSphynx

Reasonably earlycast

Posted by wrecks

No Watitng Required.

Posted by climax

I love that John Carmack's TWEET OF THE WEEK is a thing.

Posted by Devildoll

ouh yeah bombcast

Edited by ripelivejam

Haiii bombcast!!!

E: is the thumbnail another thing dan hasn't ever seen? lel

Posted by Fobwashed

They coulda bought 5 DESTINY GAMES with that kinda money! =P

Posted by jper415

Hey EVERYBODY, it's Tuesday!

Posted by RealLionheart


Posted by JMurph_93

When I heard about how Jeff feels about food in the morning was when I realized I am Jeff

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@climax said:

I love that John Carmack's TWEET OF THE WEEK is a thing.

I'm hoping that it grows big enough to get its own sponsorship from SquareSpace™!

Posted by johncallahan

It's the most wonderful tiiiiime of the week. It's the most wonderful tiiiiime of the week....

Posted by ripelivejam

I look forward to conti.ued adventures of Unemployed Businessman

Posted by Hilts

The weekend can wait. It's Tuesday and its the bomecast!

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Posted by Eaxis

It's actually Tuesday hurray!

Posted by Fat_Tomato

I hope the anime talk continues into this week. @jeff seemed to know a suspiciously decent amount about it, so I get the feeling he's hiding a dark and beautiful secret.

Edited by Kananon

Ron and Fez, best thing on satellite radio. Followed by the All out show and Jason Ellis.

Edited by friendlypossum

"ladies of porn" hahaha, oh man my Wednesdays would be lost without the Bombcast.

Posted by TruthTellah

Pears? -Gross-.

I'm allergic to apples and pears; so, get those crazy things away from me. Don't even like seeing them.

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Posted by rarlsatan

Bombcast time? I'm so excited that I just ripped off my own FACE.

Posted by wonderva

Does anyone have a link to the archive of the mixlr stream with Jeff driving Brad home?

Posted by Neon25

So this is 2:57 on iTunes but 2:51 here?

Posted by AMyggen

@neon25: 2:57 here too, just let it play for a few seconds.

Posted by NordicGamer

best case scenario: Drew red the Martian and talks about it

worst case scenario: just more Destiny BS

Posted by ripelivejam

best case scenario: Drew red the Martian and talks about it

worst case scenario: just more Destiny BS

he actually already read the Martian and talked about it on an older Bombcast. was this close to picking it up in the store myself...

Edited by vhold

Destiny would be a bazillion times better if it just had randomization in the places it made you go and the waves of enemies it sends after you in the strikes. The maps are setup so that you could go different routes and start in different places. It seems like it's a feature they just didn't finish or left out of the game.

Posted by 0DegreesKelvin


Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I wonder why the guys are struggling with the multiplayer in Destiny. Normally I suck at multiplayer but I'm doing pretty well in the Crucible.

Posted by Time_Lord

Glad I had some headphones on when they started talking about porn sites struggling to stay a float lol.

Edited by Dark_Lord_Spam

I don't know if I'm emotionally prepared for this Bombcast. Last week's was like a shocking, revelation-strewn, mid-season finale.

@overbite said:


Pears? -Gross-.

You people are fucking crazy!

Posted by ThomasCro

Guys, look up the theory that the players are The Darkness in Destiny.

Posted by ripelivejam

"you mean Trenched?"

bless you drew

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Edited by Flappy

I wanna watch Stardust matches on Mars.

Posted by development

That's way more than $775 million dollars.

Edited by drockus

If you don't like pears, you don't like yourself. After all, we are all slightly pear-shaped.

Posted by Monkeyman04

@flappy said:

I wanna watch Stardust matches on Mars.

Is that Stardust wrestling on Mars or you're on Mars watching them?

Posted by apothaeos

You people have never had a good pear!

Posted by Flappy

@monkeyman04: I originally meant the second option, but now I want the first one. I'm sure Stardust has some means of leaving Earth.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

The discussion of Minecraft eBooks and other stuff making money makes me, an eBook author who has made a whopping $27 off my two books, really depressed.

Posted by widmer

Brad's disgust at Dan's eating habits every week is quickly becoming my favorite thing.

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