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Well...fine I will listen to this

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lets do this.

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I want moar movin' pictures! Props to P-Klep for all the good interviews though.

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Woah woah GSP, t'as un osti d'accent!

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No combat at all, huh? Intriguing.

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@chose said:

Woah woah GSP, t'as un osti d'accent!

He's not thaaaat bad.

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I like the sound of this

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I am so glad that Amnesia has inspired a lot of developers to go down the no-combat-horror route.

All hail Frictional.

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This is one of my most anticipated games, great to hear an interview!

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On some level, Outlast really bums me out because it looks like an idea I had for a game like six years ago and never acted upon because I didn't (and still don't) know how to work with 3D models.

On the other hand, it's good that somebody's doing it.

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This game sounds way to dam scary for me.

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Montréal represent!

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I really want to get my hands on Outlast. The dude seems like a cool guy, sounded nervous.

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Aww yeah, dump that sweet shit in my ears.

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Saw this game at Pax East, and spoke with one of the devs for a bit. Was a really nice guy, and the game seemed atmospheric and creepy. Focusing on battery collecting was surprisingly cool. Still wish it had a more distinctive name

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I loved Amnesia so much.

One of the best experiences I have had with a game, let alone a horror game. I'm super pumped that its inspiring developers to go no-combat with amazing atmosphere(sound, and visuals). 1st person perspective as well.

The way that the narrative in Amnesia slowly revealed itself to the player was amazing to me. Heres hoping that A Machine for Pigs can top it.

This game sounds promising too!!!

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I am so glad that Amnesia has inspired a lot of developers to go down the no-combat-horror route.

All hail Frictional.

Hail Frictional!

Among the Sleep, Slender, Daylight, Routine, Enola.

They're definitely the leader of the horror revolution recently. Amnesia 2 is going to be crazy.

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Great interview.

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I love these horror game interviews.