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Yay F1!

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does this mean Danny O'dwyer is no longer the FIFA expert? Or is he just the euro expert?

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zoooom zooom

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Woo hoo!

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Awesome! been looking forward to this :)

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This is beautiful.

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@makewithefunny: Danny O'Dwyer is Ireland's official, government-approved 'Everything Expert'. :)

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omg that cover art

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ah shit, i formatted the image for iTunes, didn't think about formatting it for the GiantBomb player.

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Woohoo! Indeed!

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sweet theme music

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awww yeaaaa

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Danny 'Ashes' O'Dwyer has really blossomed after his breakout performance during BioForge.

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The art work for this is fantastic!

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Love it!

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Hell yea

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Awesome! Drew can do no wrong. And Danny is cool too.

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Honk honk I'm an F1 car!

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dat art

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Well this just came straight out of left field. I'm in!

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Palindrome is a racecar!

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Nice! Really like the intro song too!

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Holy shit, that podcast art!

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Never been into F1, this might change that ...

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I don't know shit about F1 but I will still listen to this. Hope to learn something.

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That picture is already worth this whole endeavor.

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Ah yes, hot new podcast I have been waiting for thee.

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Woo and indeed Hoo

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Beep beep!

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Not to pimp my own stuff (hehe, pimps) but if you'd like to read it, here is a link to the Beginner's Guide on my blog that Danny mentioned. It goes over a recap of last season, changes to this year, the drivers, teams, and some of the terms you'll hear frequently.

Also YAAAAAY I've been waiting for this podcast for so long now! It's super great so far!

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the art for this is amazing. Dont know if anyone noticed.

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FUCK YES! If I were to make a list of my favorite pastimes then two of the things that would rank among the highest would be Formula One and Giant Bomb. The stakes are high this season and on paper it looks like we have a lot to look forward to and I have no doubt you guys will deliver some great banter to keep me entertained between the races.

Thank you for this!

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@bats: Actually they've been talking about this for a month or two at least.

Excellent artwork! (as is usual for the GB community)

P.S. Kimi for President World Leader.

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Wait, wait, wait. You're telling me I was listening to Drew and Danny talk about racing for the past hour? Now things kinda make sense thinking back on it.

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is there any way to subscribe to these premium podcasts in Pocket casts for ios?

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Don't give a damn about F1.

Gonna listen to this podcast.

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I can't believe this is a real thing! GODS ARE REJOICING!

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Can't wait to dig into this.

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@krataur said:

P.S. Kimi for President World Leader.

Damn right!