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Posted by deltaalphabravo


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I have my DVR ready to go for the 3:30 AM Malaysia GP. Love you guys.

Posted by dannyodwyer

Yup, nice work on the thumbnail dude.

Posted by Borklund

Woo more Irish Car Bombcast!

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this is my second favorite podcast on the site keep it up drew & danny <3

Posted by SLowrAM

Ha, I need to watch whatever that image came from.

Posted by Rain_1

Gentlemen, start your engines

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@slowram said:

Ha, I need to watch whatever that image came from.

Zoolander, an underrated movie

Posted by T_wester

Yeah Malaysian Irish Car Bombcast

Posted by thedrinkinggeek

So happy you guys are recording these regularly

Posted by Positrark

Awesome! Did not expect a new episode so soon. Keep em coming.

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For those interested, I believe the video that Danny is referring to at about the 14min mark is called "Grand Prix: The Killer Years" It's a fantastic documentary, only about an hour, and more than well worth your time.

Posted by CapioCorpus

Love hearing you two talk about F1! Keep up the good work. Thanks!

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Saw this last night, couldn't find a good place on the forums to post it, so here ya go.


Posted by Megasoum

@drewbert@dannyodwyer About the distinct sound of each engines, I was at the Canadian GP in 2003, sitting on the chicane right before the hairpin. I remember that while all the engines were obviously loud, the BAR engine/gearbox was just crazy. I remember actually FEELING the downshifts of Villeneuve and Sato when they were breaking for the hairpin something like 300m away from me. Each downshift was like a punch to the chest.

Posted by AMyggen

@slowram: That's Zoolander, and yes, you need to watch that movie!

Posted by Landmine

I have no experience watching F1 (or any racing for that matter) but I'll listen to you guys talk about anything, because of that I now want to watch some F1. Keep up the good work guys.

Posted by Squiretuck
Posted by tourgen

Somehow I ended up an Alonso fan? The guy is emotional but always seems to outperform with the equipment he's racing.

Posted by Salvatron


Posted by SirOptimusPrime

I still haven't watched a second of F1, mostly because of time constraints, but if you ask me this is probably the best podcast hosted right now second only to the Bombcast.

Somehow you guys got me wanting to watch this stuff. Kudos on what I thought was an insurmountable task.

Posted by CrystaljDesign


Posted by TC

I desperately need this in my iTunes ecosystem.

Posted by t3hh

It's go time!! Is investing in a chair+wheel for pc racing really worth it? watching drew play those racing games with the chair+wheel looks awesome but the chairs are all really pricey.

Also, speculation for kuala lampur, Mercedes wins it again.

Posted by TheOnlineNative

Great podcast, guys.. Really enjoyed it. Just one small thing, Magnussen is Danish.

Posted by AMyggen

@t3hh: I'll say that it's worth it if you play a lot of racing games and have the money. A good wheel is a lot more important than a chair though.

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The sound of the cars is much MUCH better now. It used to be awful. Having to wear earmuffs to just attend a race is just stupid.

Also half 8 = 7:30

Posted by Nigthguy

I don't even watch F1 but I love this podcast.

Posted by Phouchg

Oh man I signed up for premium just for this. ^^

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Another good episode. I'm really looking forward to this week's race as well.

Also don't talk shit about Firefly.

Posted by polymorph

Great chat again guys, hope you keep it up all season. Another reason to be a subscriber.

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Posted by cdon

The announcers kept pronouncing Daniil Kyvat's last name as "Fiat"

Posted by jayc4life

I'd fallen out of the loop for a while, but coming back in over the last year or 2, I became a fan of Paul Di Resta and Force India. Shame he didn't get a drive this year (He's gone to do DTM Touring cars in Germany this season), but I'll keep following the team nonetheless. The Indian colour motifs share colours with the Irish flag, after all, and as coincidences have it, if you trace back through team buyouts and takeovers, they're what was once Eddie Jordan's F1 team.

That being said though, I do own a pair of these, so I guess my allegiance is split?

Posted by gaggle64

Oh shiiiii- I didn't think they'd do pre-race podcasts. Consider my annual subscription doubly justified.

Posted by Mister_V

Drew really needs to watch that race Danny keeps teasing. Without a doubt the best race I have ever seen.

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The brake by wire system is because of the ERS system. It is only allowed to collect so much energy per lap from the rear brakes, so they have this system set up so that once this limit is hit the conventional brakes take over, and still give the same amount of braking power to the driver.

The cars do have a manual clutch, used e.g. at starts, but it is a paddle on the steering wheel rather than a foot pedal. In fact there are two paddles, one that will fully disengage the clutch, the other one is in a pre-set position. When they start from the grid, I believe they hold both paddles, then at lights out they release the fully disengage paddle, and then use the other one, which is set at the biting point, to ease the car off the line before fully releasing it and then using their right foot.

Posted by quadracer131

Play Dark Souls Drew....pls

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@rustafur: Thanks for that link! I haven't seen that documentary before.

Posted by JimiPeppr

As a side note, driving a stick-shift is like gamifying transportation, man.

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Posted by illegalnull

@megasoum: Yeah, those BAR Hondas were insane, and that entry into the hairpin was like standing beside a gun at point blank range when they downshifted, excellent stuff! I was also in the hairpin that year - tho across the way on the other side by the exit of the corner. Also, over the past couple of years all the cars sounded quite different to each other due to the different designs they were using for their exhaust blown diffusers.

Been going to the Canadian GP since 2002 and will be there again this year. I can't wait to see and hear the new cars, I am excite!

Posted by PandaBear

So no intro for this one? Just straight into it? Is the Irish guy the dude from GameSpot? Am I just supposed to know? Seriously, Drew is great and this other dude seems fine, but notice how every week on 90% of podcasts do a intro of the hosts and format each week... It's for a reason. Honest feedback.

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Another awesome cast, guys! It would be fantastic if you kept this weekly through the whole season! Love it.

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The title of this particular episode definitely fails to capture the essence of its hosts.

Posted by brobertson136

Love the cast, can't wait for the race this weekend, super excited! Thanks for opening up a new world of sport to me. (: I am going to say Magnussen is going to take it and become a rookie all star.

Posted by Giefcookie

@pandabear said:

So no intro for this one? Just straight into it? Is the Irish guy the dude from GameSpot? Am I just supposed to know? Seriously, Drew is great and this other dude seems fine, but notice how every week on 90% of podcasts do a intro of the hosts and format each week... It's for a reason. Honest feedback.

I'd actually would say yes, you are supposed to know what you are getting into. It's an F1 podcast behind a paywall on a videogame website. I'd imagine the % of people just stumbling into this is rather low.

Posted by NotAntagonist

I don't care about F-1 one bit. I pretty much listen to this for Drew and the Irish guy's voices. Especially the Irish dude.

Posted by arkteck

As a Malaysian who has moved to the US, the random Malay phrases in this podcast really cracked me up. Pronunciations were a little off but I enjoyed the effort. Good work, Drew and Danny, keep it up!

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