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That looks delicious.

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Monte Carlo was my first watched F1 race and I loved it! Thanks for these! :)

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Racing is racing?

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Horseshit that Kimi was hit by lapped car under safety car. Ruined his race.

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This podcast is tip-top. Quite. Eahrs. Eahrs.

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I got up at 6AM on Sunday, went down to the Dunkin' Donuts, bought myself two big-ass cups of coffee and a breakfast sandwich, and watched the race live on my HD TV with rabbit ears sticking out of it. It was dope. Can't wait for Canada!

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@zgoon said:

That looks delicious.

Damn that looks good!!!! And I just ate.

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wooo podcast!

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Tacos al pastor thumbnail !

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Monaco in general, and as a street race, is just so damn pretty. Can't wait to see it again next year! Until then, many thanks to D&D, and on to Montreal!

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Cumberbatch is one cool motherfucker, introducing himself like they were meeting at a bar and not in front of thousands of people.

oh, also the race was pretty great.

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For my first race ever it was pretty good, though I wonder if the lack of passing is because Mercedes is just worlds ahead of everyone at the moment or if because the track is so narrow.

Though fuck those picture in picture ad's NBC was running, if your going to do that at least make the race the bigger picture.

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Shoutouts to Force India! They are the team i've been cheering for in my first year of watching F1 and they have been doing pretty good, at least from my untrained eye's perspective. Hulkenberg has looked pretty damn good this season!

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Hey guys, thanx for another great race wrap up, had to watch the race on German TV (not my native language) because BBC only had highlights and Dutch TV only had GP2, so I missed a lot of the minutia of the race (technical jargon in German is pretty tough to follow).

I heard Verstappen's name being dropped so I thought I would chime in with the incident he is (sadly) probably best know for:

either this or when he took out J.P. Montoya While he was leading the race in Brazil (I think)

Any way I wanted to thank Danny and Drew for getting me back into F1. The podcast and the v6 thread really got me jazzed for the sport again and there have been so many changes since I stopped watching that having all the duders providing extra info has really helped.

cheers and keep em coming!

Posted by Jensonb

You can't be an F1 driver and be a nice a guy, Mr Lauda? Apparently nobody told Jenson Button, he's widely regarded as the consummate gentleman and he's got a world championship to his name.

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Aww yeah, that podcast intro is how I like to start my work day.

Also that pun, Drew is bad and should feel bad.

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Woohoo, Danny said my name was great. Guess it takes a European to hear Roald and think of Dahl.

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@jensonb said:

You can't be an F1 driver and be a nice a guy, Mr Lauda? Apparently nobody told Jenson Button, he's widely regarded as the consummate gentleman and he's got a world championship to his name.

Admittedly that championship mainly came from lucking in to a surprisingly great car that dominated the season and the fact that his team mate that year was rubens barichello, another of those nice guys who never win. :)

Posted by Megasoum

@drewbert@dannyodwyer Unfortunatly I can't find it online but my local TV station (RDS in Québec) re-ran an old clip this week-end of Nico watching and reacting to Michael Schumacher parking his car in the middle of the track in 2006. Funny how the situation is reversed now.

And for reference, here's the clip of Michael in 2006.

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Didn't think we'd ever get a Band Of Brothers reference in a F1 podcast, but there you go.

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Also just putting this here.

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@phouchg: I dunno about that. Jenson beat Hamilton when they where teammates without turning into a dick.

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Not having crazy cable, this was my first F1 race! Cannot wait until Canada which will also be on regular NBC. Sadly the next non-cable race won't be until November after that though! So I may look for alternative ways to view races.

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@dannyodwyer@drewbert On off-weeks between races you guys should live stream you guys playing either the previous race or the next race in F1 2014.

Posted by ZGoon

@dannyodwyer Montreal is in the province of Quebec. I think the insulting part was when you said poutine was from Vancouver, which is on the west coast 5000 kilometres away from Montreal.

Posted by isomeri

You guys seemed to have missed Kimi getting hit by one of the Marussias during the second safety car. The resulting puncture in his tire forced him to do an extra pit stop like a minute after his previous one. That's why he dropped from third all the way close to the bottom.

Posted by archimedes83

Perhaps some coverage on America's Cup if you are trying to find something other than F1.

Posted by rickyyo

The Venezuelan company is PDVSA (Ped-Eh-Veh-sa). It is a government owned petroleum company. Also, the stuff happening in Venezuela is quite terrible.

Posted by jayc4life

Not F1, but you gearheads will probably get a good kick out of this. Jamie Whincup in Aussie V8 Supercars, locks and spins out, but continues into the spin and 360s back in the right direction. Unbelievable recovery.

Posted by DeadPan

Great podcast

Though Dannys white knighting about Arsenal is really grating.

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FOM (formula one management) is the group that is in charge of the F1 license and providing the race feed to the various broadcasters (Sky, BBC, NBC etc.) To learn more, read the FOM wiki

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The PC version of F1 2013 Classic Edition is 66% off at Gamestop.com right now at $22.09(retail $64.99) I'm pretty sure its available worldwide, not just the US.

The "classic edition" includes all that extra stuff that you most definitely want. If you've been on the fence about this game, this is a good a deal as you're going to get before F1 2014 comes out later this year (think october/novemberish)

Once you've got the game, head on over to RaceDepartment.com and join the community. There are a ton of mods, setups, and tutorials there that makes f1 2013 a real treat to enjoy. if you want to race with me, feel free to add me on steam - username: anarki_lp

Posted by Asmo917

I really want Insulting Canada Facts to be a real thing now.

1. The Maple Leafs are a terrible team AND or-gan-eye-zay-shun. (I am a die hard Leafs fan)

2. Beavers are the biggest jerks in the animal kingdom.

3. Edmonton is that cold because they don't want YOU to visit.

4. Four out of five Ottawa restaurants will accept snow as legal tender.

Posted by Jensonb

@phouchg: You mean that car that was only definitely the fastest for half the races (at best) because the team had no money to develop it? And, by the same token, Scumacher's only got two titles that count because in the other five seasons he was champion the car was clearly superior. Pro tip: nobody wins an F1 championship in a bad car.

Posted by Megasoum
@asmo917 said:

1. The Maple Leafs are a terrible team AND or-gan-eye-zay-shun. (I am a die hard Leafs fan)

Totally agree!

Posted by Tomba_be

@drewbert@dannyodwyer : If you are interested in watching another classic eventful race to have a podcast about: I can recommend the 1996 Monaco race. An amazing race on a wet Monaco circuit. It would be interesting because that race set one record (you'll figure out which when you watch it) which will probably never be broken and it is from a completely different era in F1. It's in the same vein as the Canadian one, but way, way more amazing.

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Anyone who enjoyed the video from last year's GP2 race should get a kick out of what happened at this year's.

Posted by Edmundus

Someone mentioned this last time, but why does the podcast intro have a crackling effect that makes it sound like someone's eating?

Posted by Dave_Tacitus

The best Monaco GP I can remember: 1992.

Senna had the lead and Mansell had the faster car, fresh tyres and a brilliant moustache. Even at Monaco, the way Senna kept him at bay was mesmerising.

Posted by ComradeCrash

Great podcast! Finally watch my first race and I really enjoyed it!

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@megasoum said:

@asmo917 said:

1. The Maple Leafs are a terrible team AND or-gan-eye-zay-shun. (I am a die hard Leafs fan)

Totally agree!

Not to hijack the thread too much, but I was genuinely sad to see the Habs lose last night. My "hatred" for them as a rival is nothing compared to my actual disdain for NBC's infatuation with the Rangers and their constant mediocrity that never seems to dim said infatuation.

Posted by jammar

Any chance of covering Le Mans?