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Racing is still racing!

Edit: I have known that Europeans spell aluminum wrong for year, so I was not surprised.

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Ich weiß nicht, wie man Deutsch sprechen!

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Aw yes. Time for some racin'.

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Alt+F1! I missed you :D

...damn I want beef now.

Europe races are great, starting at 9AM in my time zone. Asia is absolute utter pain and torture, however.

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This is what we call a "Money Shot"

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The song about sugar cookies(actually hashish spiked sugar cookies) is a Tool song. Called "Die Eier Von Satan" (The Balls/Eggs of Satan). While it is a song about sugar cookies, it is actually kind of a pretty intense political statement when you break the song down.

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Dat beef tho.

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Finally back, to make me want to speed in rush hour traffic!

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A1 steak sauce on the A1 Ring. Yummy!

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Haben Sie eine Schnauzer bei meiner Schintsel? Anyway yay for Alt F1 and feel better Danny.

Also This is the first time I saw the martials disqualifying laps in qually for going too wide on the exit of a turn (2nd to last). I knew they did it for cutting the apex of corners but this was news to me.

Edit: Also anybody into motorcycle racing should definately watch the motoGP from my Hometown circuit of Assen this Saturday (only GP in the calender that is raced on a saturday), Hope the weather holds.

Sorry but I couldn't help plugging the Dutch TT , the event's a big deal locally and I'ts the 84th edition of the race (I think the only GP that's been on the calender every year since WOII) I grew up going to practice and the races every year but since the 2000's ticket prices have really started going out of control so these days I just watch from home, I live about 6km from the track but can still hear the bikes if the wind is right. Growing up here is a big part of what got me interested in racing be it 2 or 4 wheels

The event is basically 4 days of 200000 drunk bikers from all over Europe flooding into a town of about 50000 residents and chaos ensues, It's great fun. Here's an idea of the atmosphere:

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great show this week! and get well sooner Danny!

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Hearing that Alt+F1 theme is now the highlight of my week. Which probably says a lot about my life that I don't really want to think about right now.

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I'm amazed that @drewbert knows about the Trabi! Those were some really shitty constructions and they were all over the place where I grew up.

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@drewbert@dannyodwyer - The FIA tournament in Gran Turismo isn't strictly F1-related, it's more like the FIA making inroads to the eSports scene. Since the FIA govern over more than just one discipline of motorsport, I'm sure it could be probably some sort of hosted LAN or online endurance racing in LMP cars or GT3 or something, using these certified tracks, and probably livestreamed on Twitch with commentary. That'd be pretty damn neat if they done something like that, but I'd say that's what they're aiming for.

Sounds fairly similar to what EA wanted to do with their initial MMA game before they got the UFC license, that Jeff talked about on this week's Bombcast (and the Quick Look as well I think).

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There is absolutely nothing about that song that could be considered an intense political statement.

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Motorsport troopers. The photo of you guys doing last week's cast in the corner of some service corridor was choice. Keep it up. For the union!

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A note on standing starts/restarts in other racing series.

NASCAR only does rolling starts and restarts. If NASCAR did standing starts, that would be pretty bonkers and awesome and probably also very bad.

Indycar traditionally has only done rolling starts and restarts, but started experimenting with standing starts for the race start at some races last year. They are very bad at it. Restarts are still rolling, not standing.

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I didn't watch qualifying, so my jaw literally dropped when I saw Massa and Bottas starting at 1 & 2. Awesome weekend for Williams.

@nilcalion@drewbert Why did you have to remind me of that piece of shit? Being next to one was like being next to a burning golf cart. WHY!?

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It was a good race (not as fantastic as the Canadian GP oh man) but this was an even better podcast. Good stuff as always.

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Re: Massa and Perez incident from the last race

I thought it was obviously Massa's fault as well, but I changed my mind after watching a few replays. I think it was some kind of optical illusion from the speed or camera angle that made it look like Massa turned into Perez. Anyway, here's a graphic that I found that explains what happened. I can't remember where I found it, but I think it originated from the Autosport forums. Start reading from the bottom and open the image in a new tab to blow it up to make it readable.

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the engine allowance is bullshit anyway, so a race ban would be crazy

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@drewbert@dannyodwyer FYI, the A1 ring used 10-15 years ago was exactly the same as the Red Bull ring used this year. They renovated the installations and added a giant bull in the middle of the track but the layout hasn't changed.

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Love me some yodeling. Check out Franzl Lang.

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Update: I still love this podcast.

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I love you guys. <3

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So "Your mother is a farmer." is even worse than "Your mother is a slut." Valuable German lessons right up front.

Anyways great podcast as always, I'm glad it's finally back again.

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Welp, Danny just insulted the nation of Finland by assuming a Russian would be named Valtteri...

I love this podcast, by the way.

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Going to be any Grid: Autosport talk on this show? Want to hear Drews thoughts on Grid:Autosport multiplayer with a racing steering wheel.