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Wait the Wolf is a hedgehog now?

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The way I viewed Aiden Pierce is that he's a guy that you're supposed to see is wrong. Everyone tells him about how he's putting the very people he cares about in danger and they're the characters you're supposed to sympathize with.

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Hmm. I have a nostalgic love of SNES Mario Kart, but I think I like Double Dash quite a bit. I think the next in line might be Mario Kart DS, or 8 (haven't really gotten into it yet).

EDIT - Man I'm pretty much in agreement with everything Alexa drops in this one.

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The Sonic fan art is a hole you definitely don't want to go down. Sometimes its better to pretend there is a whole section of the Internet that doesn't really exist.

Good chapter, though. Alexa was a pretty good guest.

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I am 100% behind Alexa's love for FFIX, because it is great. Way better than VII or VIII.