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Posted by g_rex

this isnt working for me... :/

Posted by RavenDark

looks like the file extension is wonky

Posted by White_Silhouette

Having issues with the itunes store feed. Says preparing to download but fails. Not sure if this on GB's end or itunes' end.

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@white_silhouette: happens with the zune software as well, "Zune does not support this media's format"

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Audio should be fixed now.

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Nope not workin :(

... Wait yes it is :)

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@patrickklepek I know you just got back to Chicago, but the amount of times you said the word "Lebron" was very upsetting. We try not to speak his name here! The Decision was the worst shit ever.

Other than that, wonderful show as always.

Posted by TessaWracked

I love Jeff's name for the show, but I kinda wish this had been called "Bombs over Breakfast".

Posted by Shadowself

Fantastic Q&A section guys. Enjoyed the intelligent discussion on the future of video games coverage, and journalism in general.

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Who's this "nepharious" guy Patrick keeps going on about? Sounds like he's into some ill shit.