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Ohhh wow 3rd comment in! Thats a new record for me :D Also more bombin' in A.M is always good :) You guys always help make work that much more bearable :)

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Rami's a cool dude and this was a pleasure to listen to.

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What is this guy talking about? 100 degrees C is water boiling temperature, 0 degrees is water freezing temperature. Normal body temp is 36 ish. Fever is 37+. He said its 60 outside? Thats like... insane, everyone is dead type of temp.

Maybe he was talking about Fahrenheit with the horse and all? He did say Celsius though.

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@duxa: Perhaps you misheard him saying 16? Which is what I heard and is a fairly normal temperature for the Netherlands this time of year.

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The talk about Arabic and Farsi reminded me of the comedian Kumail Nanjiani. He has jokes about Call Of Duty and how there was a level in Karachi, Pakistan his home city and how the signs are in the wrong language. He says they spend years and millions of dollars making these games and all they had to do was Google "Pakistan language" and they couldn't even do that lol.

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This is Rami's flight site if anyone is curious.

He seems like a smart and sensible part of the community and it was nice to hear his perspectives in relation to culture bias in video games (I think movies and books might be more progressive because they are older mediums).