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nvm this is fine hhah

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Mythic ey? This should be interesting.

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Mythic, woop

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Why is this a podcast?

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@yoshimitz707: Because EVERYONE wants to listen to Paul Barnett talk!
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still listening tp day 2, i cant keep up and its GREAT!

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Sweet, a bonus podcast! And people are going to bitch about it!
Nice Leigh jab at the beginning.
I could listen to Paul talk all day.

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I really enjoyed his list, it's a refreshing break from the norm of the Top 10 lists.

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Thanks Paul.

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Gross :(

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So this is todays podcast? No other awards today? Sure, why not, Barnett is pretty awesome, let's see if he's still awesome

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@Venatio: Probably not. 
E: I mean that there will probably still be the normal GOTY podcast with today's categories.
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Paulcast!  Barncast!

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I am made of liquid metal.

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first thing that happens is a wicked diss on Leigh alexander, god I love Paul Barnett

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Where is day three deliberations?

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Shut up...you had me at Paul Barnett!

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The Bombcast isn't an episode of Lost, it's OK to skip episodes. Myself: I'll listen to anything that has 8 legs and is named JeffBradRyanVinny.

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Barnettcast? Awesome!

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Yaay Paul!

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Wait, isn't this the guy who promised me the warhammer mmo was going to be the tits? 

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@piot said:
" Where is day three deliberations? "
In 20 minutes.  It comes out around noon PST.
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Wow this is fucking awesome. 
This is a fucking awesome thing.

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I like the different take from the usual top ten lists.  Interesting perspective from Paul.  Thanks guys!
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I love how Paul just quickly throws out "JFK assassination was an inside job" and just keeps talking.

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this the same guy that kept going "Warhammer!" in a falsetto voice?
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@Venatio said:
" So this is todays podcast? No other awards today? Sure, why not, Barnett is pretty awesome, let's see if he's still awesome "
This is just how Paul Barnett chose to present his top ten. Stay tuned for the real Game of the Year deliberations.
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It's a good thing that the very first words out of Paul's mouth made me fistpump in excitement.

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The bombs thing is AMAZING.

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I always do

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@buckybit: yeah. It was on Carrie's list yesterday as well.
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I love that Paul's image follows the theme of  "people with their mouth agape"  for the podcast images.

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Me want EA edition of Hot Pursuit.

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I knew Pauls list would be amazing weird, good stuff. Also desperate to know what game he's working on.

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 Paul Barnett, baby! Raising the level conversation.

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10 Euros is about US $13.

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Paul knows of Bill Hicks.

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I'm loving the shit out of that theme music! Big Ups GB as usual
This list was infinitely more interesting than your typical lineup of Mass Effect/God of War 3/ Red Dead. (Even though i disagree with Paul on the iOS input (give me multi-touch on the iPad! one finger is preferable on a smaller space like a phone))

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"No Bomb Mode" haha

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Amazing that he played the game for hours without knowing there were bombs available.

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I'm the goddamn Pacman

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Paul Barnett is talking about Ultimate (Play the Game)   and the ZX Spectrum! Totally my new favorite person in the industry!