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 Downloading spanking new bombcast!
@brad remember  animal boxing for what it was meant to be , and not what it was.

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1st maybe 
nope...ah well 

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 Gastroenterology Patient Simulator     

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It Bombcast time! HOOOO~

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Thanks. I like it when it's at a reasonable time in the UK.

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 Bombs go Boom!

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sweet can i say "bow chica bow wow"?
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Bombcast Go!
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This has the potential to be a classic.

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The people below this comment with anything along the lines of "first" or "1st" are......

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Yay bombcast! 
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oh i thought i was first crap

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Charlie Sheen? Sold

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Yay, finally! I was waiting for this one!

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Hooray for Earlycast!

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No Vinny... :(

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It's the best part of tuesday :D    
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Bombcast! woo!!!

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Up before BTSD? hmmm....
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Been waiting all day for this. Only because it is my day off.......................  :)

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Oh hi Alex!

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Love Macho Man. Hate Slim Jims.

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loving the henry rollins pic

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Bombcast!  Yipee!

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thank god, i can do chemistry can calculus with my bombcast finally

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Alex shaped peg in a Vinny shaped hole. Great start.

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@MiniPato said:
" Alex shaped peg in a Vinny shaped hole. Great start. "
I heard Alex and turned it off.  
No offence, I just don't like the guy.
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@RiotBananas said:
" @MiniPato said:
" Alex shaped peg in a Vinny shaped hole. Great start. "
I heard Alex and turned it off.   No offence, I just don't like the guy. "
Well guess what? OFFENSE.
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@Lab392 said:
Henry Rollins uping da Punx
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Yay Bombcast and yay for Alex!

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No Vinny? Fuuuuuuuuu

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@MiniPato said:
" Alex shaped peg in a Vinny shaped hole. Great start. "
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 Any word on when can we expect some "season 4" artwork for the page? Or did we decide that what's already there is too sweet to replace?
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Man I needed this.

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Henry Rollins? HELL YES!

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DR. Fate should have been the magic mentor.

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Fact: I'm incredibly jazzed to listen to this exciting episode of THE BOOOOMBBBBBCAAAAST.

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Too short. Stop being so lazy!

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Are we going to get a new cover picture for the next "season" of our bombcast?

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Phone is syncing right now with it. Woohoo! 

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Tommy Tallarico?

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When was this episode recorded?  They were gone all day Monday, right?

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Major magic based DC character?

  • Black Adam
  • Captain Marvel
  • Dr. Fate
  • Solomon Grundy
  • Madame Xanadu 
  • Spectre
  • Wizard
  • Merlin
  • etc...
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There is a disturbing lack of Vinny in this Bombcast.