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Posted by JJOR64

w00t w00t!  Time to listen.

Posted by austinmiller


Posted by TehFro

Is it sad that Tuesday is probably the highlight of my week thanks to your guys?


Posted by wrecks

mmmm. chicken.

Posted by randiolo

nuthin better than sitting with a bowl of ice cream on a stinkin hot day listing to the sounds of brad.

Posted by elektrixx

Thanks again Ryan.

Okay Bombcast: WOW ME.

Posted by zhinse

Sorry. The ps2 voice command game was called Lifeline. I never played it myself, since i saw a certain review a long time go.

Posted by Ryan

Ding! An invisible prize goes to zhinse.

Posted by daniel_beck_90

This BombCast sounds delicious !!!

Posted by SoulEdgeSlayer

I don't think that there is such a thing as an inappropriate application of fried chicken....

Posted by PapaLazarou

what ever happened to fear effect?

Posted by stenchlord

Oh how thy BombCast saveths me during my time of need.

Posted by Dryker

Bombcast and Bourbon! What up.

Posted by ArclightBorealis

I endure three tests at school, all in my first three periods, am exhuasted, so what a better way to finish the day with the bombcast.

Thanks :)

Posted by Valentino

Ric Flair is 59 years old. Certainly not THAT old.

Posted by Enigma2099

Hey, Jeff... I dunno if you know this, but they DO make a watermelon flavored Jolly Rancher soda!

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YES! Awesome! Greatness yet again, thanks guys! This shall be perfect for my plane ride on Thursday!

Posted by MattBodega

It was Lifeline! That was the PS2 game with the voice commands Ryan hated so much!
God, that was driving me crazy, trying to remember the game name.

Posted by Luke

I currently work with one of the Beta Testers of Lifeline, Karaoke Revolution, and Rumble Roses.

I tell him everyday how much I feel sorry for him, during his work at Konami :p

Posted by Smallville123

Glad the drink segment is back consecutively!

Posted by PeldonPeldon

The PS2 title that utilized voice commands was called "Lifeline".

Posted by John1912

Some of my room mates back in the day knew Rick Flairs Son.  Remember watching his kid when he was on WWE or w/e it was about 10 years ago.

Posted by NinjaHunter

The grenade motion control thing is from Uncharted.

Edited by Death_Burnout

Oh yeah you can notice the sound improvement afterall

YES! i want to see Ric Flair get all red and elbow drop his jacket!

Oh and yeah, the motion grenade thing your thinking about was indeed Uncharted.

Great podcast this week!

Posted by MrSpoon
Posted by Junpei

In response to the end convo on Persona, Persona 1 and 2 were for the PS1. Revelations: Persona being the original,. Persona 2 was two releases, Eternal Punishment hit the states and is the second half of the story while Innocent Sin stayed in Japan.

Also, good luck getting us rabid Atlus fans to give up original copies of the games.... there's a reason most aren't that cheap to buy now.

Edited by Venatio

Ive got something to add to the EAverse conversation, Mirrors Edge and Battlefield Bad Company are in the same universe too, you can find it out by looking att the news thing in one of the elevators in Mirrors Edge, it mentions the Battefield fictional city of Serdaristan

Posted by Seram

I haven't even listened to it but the picture has already made me very hungry.

Posted by gumbo87

I believe the slang term referring to communist Chinese is ChiComms, not Reds.

Posted by CleverLoginName

They should just have Samuel L. Jackson dub all the lines from Heat, all the characters,  just Sam Jackson yelling "cause she's got a ....great ass!"

Posted by GamespotNoMore

hey they tried my energy drinks!!  Nathan from Tumwater, WAAAAAA


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Giantbomb's podcast is like Heroin. I need my weekly fix or I will suffer severe withdraws.

Posted by rpgobjects

I think you guys are slightly missing the point of fallout 3 DLC a little.  The game has way too much content for one play through.  I think the type of person going to buy the DLC is going to play it again, doing different quests and making different choices the 2nd or 3rd time through.  The DLC for me is a reason to start it up again with a new character rather than reload an old save.

Still, they should have allow you to play after the ending... 

Awesome podcasts as usual.

Posted by DaStuph
Posted by oobs

as far as i read at IGN the DLC of GTA4 is a totally different game..can choose  what you want to play on the load menu. 

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Street Fighter II: Rainbow Edition 
Posted by Carlos1408

Awesome :)
great podcast as usual :D

Posted by PHEDIA

Dude i was skeptical about afro samurai, but after listening to the bombcast. I am totally going to play this game. SOLD!

Posted by futbol_dude10

good show

Posted by WholeFunShow


Posted by fox01313
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There indeed was/is a Jolly Rancher Watermelon soda. I've had some and it's pretty damn good. Not as good as the candy, but still the best damn watermelon soda on the market.

Jolly Rancher Watermelon Soda

Posted by Rayfield

Bizarrely, I remember Ric Flair. Thanks to the image of him elbow dropping a nuclear reactor while yelling "WOOOO!!!" and the whole spectacle culminating in a giant mushroom cloud, I nearly choked on my breakfast from laughing so hard.

Posted by GeekyDad

So, you're going with "janky," are ya'? "Janky"?

Posted by Wright

this one was quite enjoyable

Posted by unclejohn0525

No way!! They answered my question at 1:53:00 in the 1-27-2009 podcast!! That's awesome! I'm Ethan Riley from Seabrook "NUH".

Posted by Karmann

Yeah baby, lick my greasy bucket !

Posted by Wellscha

I remember years ago eating fried chicken while playing the Genesis (streets of Rage) at my cousins place. man, the controller was so messy and slippery as hell after that  XD

thanks for the flashback guys :)

Posted by EberKain

So, if the banks are player run in EVE Online, then I wonder if all the shops and whatnot are also player run, so I guess they could put that guy that stole the money on a blacklist, so he can't go anywhere and do anything anymore...  Then there has to be a kind of inter-company organization that has that communicates this stuff between the players, and then...  my head hurts.

Posted by KamasamaK

See Resistance: Retribution and LocoRoco 2 for two of the big non-port PSP games known to be coming this year that weren't mentioned. And yea, there's always Monster Hunter. A sad state, the PSP is in.

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