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Posted by Chuck_

hey podcast :o

Posted by leejunfan83

VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by PDXSonic

Boom by P.O.D. was a better video than Alive lol. Playing table tennis against Blindside.

Posted by divergence

I'm really starting to get concerned about Brad's DOTA problem.

Posted by Benmo316

@divergence: I'm more concerned we don't get Daily Dota anymore.

Posted by Benmo316

I love how Jeff won't admit he was at a "new age" LAN party.

Posted by splitshock

I've heard exitement in Vinny"s voice bout playing BF4 with Jeff. This should happen, guys :) Endurance run it is not.

Posted by microblogula

@divergence: I'm hoping he replaces DOTA 2 with Dark souls 2.