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Posted by GioVANNI

aw snap.  I got first.  >.>

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Michael Phelps doesn't know what's going on.

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Wahahahahah! Here we go...

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Yeah!  Can't wait to listen.  I don't have anything to do for the next 2 hours except read The Oresteia, but I choose this!

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Once again, Ryan, thanks for the podcast. But I'm still going to kick your damn ass for making me stay up til 1:30 every Tuesday. 3 hours or less of sleep here I come!

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looks like motion capture for the new  michael phelps game

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FINALLY!!! and ilegal looking activities-ish pic looks promising...

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Mercury in high fructose corn syrup?

"First, the obvious: Americans have been consuming HFCS since 1985. Ever heard of a cola-induced case of mercury poisoning? Neither have we. Because even according to IATP’s own questionable data, you would have to drink 181,797 cans of Coke to be exposed to the same amount of elemental mercury in a single compact fluorescent light bulb. 

That’s roughly four milligrams of mercury, or about the size of the period at the end of this sentence, in over 180,000 cans of soda."

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time to put the bombcast and relax...it's 2:42 am over here! thx for all the hard work guys.

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Bombcast ~ ~ ~

Posted by ElectricSlime

Hurray, thanks for another episode of the Bombcast!

Posted by spiceninja

You guys posted this on 2/4 and the podcast is 2 hours and 4 minutes. What a strange coincidence.

Posted by Ozeki

Giant Bongcast! Oh Snap!

Not really. :)

Posted by Bubahula

nothing mellows me out like the bombcst.....except mabye drank

Posted by TwoOneFive

awesome podcast. missed the last couple, only caught parts, this one is really good. 

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Giant bongcast  8)

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funny that Ryan says "We can talk around the ending of PoP", and then Vinny can't and totally spoils the ending.

Also: I am going to start the giant bongcast.

Posted by PapaLazarou

Killzone 2 I predict 4 out of 5 stars.

With all the bad things you've said..... I can't see it being 5 outta 5.

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Every time i listen to the bombcast, 26 comments, every time!, well now its 27.

Short Controlled Bursts, as with all assualt rifles. Or personally, single shot! nothing beats it.

Haha King Kong? "it's ok, i got enough magazines!" that game wasn't that bad.

I honestly don't think SHIFT will be as much of a simulation as you say Jeff, i'm not really a fan of Gran Turismo either, but im a huge fan of cockpit views, so even if it was a hardcore sim, i'd buy it and be boned. I think it will be in between Forza and GT in terms of sim...or at least i hope.

EDIT: Bare in mind i am aware of how "sim" GTR was.

Not being able to move while shooting honestly isn't the problem with RE5 for me, its everything else that bums me out.

Posted by regularassmilk

Woot! Bombcast before school rules! Glad its a late-start day!

Posted by Ryan
Believe me when I say that steps are being taken to get the Bombcast posted at a more reasonable hour. Also, rest assured, we secured giantbong.com a long time ago. Here is some fan-made Rasta-Bart-Simpson-style art to prove it!(?)

Edited by PapaLazarou

I swear I remember Ryan saying he bought a site for no reason at all when he was working at Gamespot and thats where I originally thought giantbomb game from until Jeff and Dave were saying about where the name came from.

Here's another Eve Online story back from 2004 called The Great Northern War which I was in and apart of Rona back then.

The Video explaining what happened: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olT05ozGayQ

Wiki Site: http://eve-history.net/wiki/index.php/Great_Northern_War

Gratz on the upcoming 30th.... though really getting old sucks :( Was fine until I was 21 and then it's like WHYYYY GOD WHYYYYYY?

Posted by Death_Burnout

That's very good to hear Ryan

Posted by LifeByDegrees

Abnormal download rates of The Giant Bombcast- averaging around 20 KB/Sec. I've tested my general connection- and it appears to be Bombcast specific. Help would be a appreciated.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

Looking forward to the KZ2 review.

Posted by Excuberance

Yes, you SHOULD have weekly tales of EVE-online. That was one of the awesomest things I have eve heard...

Posted by CleverLoginName
Oh, you mean cocainemountain.com ...it's a great site.
Posted by Seram

Yeah they really should have a weekly EVE-online segment.

Posted by dtran1212

damn, i really want to play Eve Online for some reason, but know that there is no way in hell im gonna devote my life to something so worthless.

Posted by PapaLazarou

Besides EVE Online is all about how much real life money you are willing to put money into it. You wont be effective without having ALT accounts and you wont be effective without ISK so you have to buy isk constantly to replace lost ships as gaining it in the game is tedious.

Posted by SinGulaR

That picture reminds me of days long passed.

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they say "Giant Bomcast every Tuesday night" when its actually every Wednesday morning. somebody tell that Vinny guy he has to go down a sewer man hole to get to Reilly's Rangers hideout. it's a reeeeeeally small manhole and looks like background fodder. it took me a million years to figure that one out. the map leads you to it, but the map doesnt say "this tiny manhole right here under you" though. fuck Fallout 3.

Posted by radoman

Regarding the 720p/1080p question.  MGS4 actually renders at 720p and i believe GT5:P scales horizontally to 1080p. Great bombcast btw, wednesday morning would be a lot duller without you guys.

Posted by StaticFalconar

Where I come from its called a bong and not a potpipe

Posted by Meltbrain

Haha same here, Static. A bong is called... a bong!

Posted by Ezilylost

For anyone else trying to get on the good side in Fable 2 without having the Temple of the Light: Go to one of the big cities (for sure in Bloodstone and Bowerstone old town) and find one of the beggars, they are usually lying on the ground. Gift them some cash and get instant good points. To go from  pure evil to pure good cost me somewhere close to $1 mil, so have allot of cash money.

Posted by Deathawk

Eve Online really sounds like an insane game, even more so because most of the insane stuff was created by players themselves with developers merely providing an outline.

Posted by johnw188

As for games that run at 1080p on PS3, you guys forgot pirates of the caribbean: at worlds end ;)

MGS4 upscales, as does nearly everything else. Most PSN stuff runs at 1080p, like the pixeljunk stuff and flow. There's a couple other games (The Darkness, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, a bunch of crappy games) that run at native 1080p, but the current mindset is that the tradeoffs required to get that resolution are worse visually than running better textures and such at 720p.
Posted by onenar

i dont understand the problem with PoPs ending. it so fits with the prince's character. the prince had a definate personality, you just happened to be moving him. he didnt give a fuck about anybody until elika, and he wasnt going to let her go.

Posted by test0r

That EVE story is quite old, PC gamer ran a story covering it.


Nice to hear about it again though.

Posted by madmanmuzik

Two comments about Fallout 3.  It doesn't actually scale, except for some of the storyline stuff and Operation Anchorage.  You have plenty of opportunities to blunder into areas you're under- or over-leveled for.  Also, if you have the destination in your pipboy, your map will give you intermediate waypoints through the downtown areas.  If you trust the marker on your compass, it'll get you right where you're going.

And speaking of Eve Online, did you hear about Band of Brothers getting disbanded by a rival corp and a defector?  That game is fucking nuts.

Posted by madmanmuzik

Also, Korg DS-10 came out in November.  I'm not sure what it's doing on the list for this week...  Maybe GameStop is finally deciding to carry it?  It was only a few places that actually carried it before.

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