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Posted by supercubedude

Where my skull?

Posted by Steve_C

Bombcast! Win!

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The pic was better than i suggested, nice work!

Goldust sent drinks! Oh man hilarious Noby Noby Boy jokes.

Posted by babz

Now iv got the show its time to fall asleep to the sweet sweet sounds of the Bombcast......... scary i know.
Well its because there boring and knock me straight  out...... really...... really!!
ooooo who am i kidding, SHOW TIME. peace 

Posted by Lies

Noby Noby BOY tslk should be interesting

Posted by JoblessTerence

Thank god for Twitter!

Posted by FireBurger

Early three weeks in a row. Hopes this keeps up.

Thanks guys! Now time for bed...

Posted by Travis

Thanks for the status of the Bombcast on Twitter Ryan. :)  I love it when it is up early. :D

Posted by JJOR64

w00t!  It's BombCast time.

Posted by lordofultima

Chocolate reindeer!

Posted by IshimuraD


Holy crap, Bombcasts going up before I go to bed = very unproductive evening.

Posted by RedRoach


Posted by CoolDrMoney

Nice, I'll listen to this tomorrow night once my crazy wave of schoolwork is over.

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early bombcast is win


Posted by Qorious

It's not on iTunes yet?!

Posted by stephengotlost

I'm loving the new schedule for BombCasts.

Posted by SteepInKline

Where my Bombcast?

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

c'mon, get this on itunes

Posted by toxicEnchiliada


Posted by Lokheed11


Posted by Barrier

itunes DL is not working.... please fix?????

Posted by ImperiousRix

Oh gosh...
Where is it!?
I cain't download it!
*head esplode*

Posted by konatachan

A new podcast episode emerges!

Posted by MKO619

Come on guys, i live in the east coast and its pretty late. When are you guys putting it on itunes. Need to go to bed and fall asleep to your angelic voices

Posted by ch3burashka

There better be some damn break time.

Posted by MKO619

PLEASE just put it up!!!!!

Posted by clovy

Brad is still not drinking the drinks...WTF man

Posted by toxicEnchiliada

Man I just subscribe on itunes and it doesn't work

Posted by Ryan

There's a late-breaking technical issue with the XML feed that is unfortunately out of my control. If you're reading this comment, then you can easily download the Bombcast directly from this page!

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 Clovy said: "Brad is still not drinking the drinks...WTF man"

so what, who gives a shit. if he doesn't want to drink it, then he doesn't have to drink it. hell, even i wouldn't want to drink that shitty garbage. so seriously, STFU!

Posted by ImperiousRix

Attempting this nonsensical "downloading directly from page" thing...
I feel like a goddamn barbarian!

Posted by toxicEnchiliada


Posted by RedRoach

@ MKO, the way itunes workes is that they submit it to apple, then it goes through certifacation, giantbomb is not responsible for when the show is posted on itunes. i know it sucks, but it prevents itunes from getting a shit load of shit.

Posted by ImperiousRix

I must be fuckin' retarded because I still can't get it to work for me.
I guess I'll go without tonight.

Posted by Landmine


Posted by FCKSNAP

GB to relaunch tomorrow according to Snide! YAY

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Why do you people want breaks.
It's just a few minutes filled with music, I don't find that worth listening to.
Anyway, awesome podcast keep it up!

Posted by PapaLazarou

lol u like squirt............... that sounded wrong.

Posted by Khessed

Clerks reference; i  see what you did there, Jeff :P

Edited by Death_Burnout

Haha all these itunes comments.

Oi! watch it with the accents. The long awaited return of the break music!

Filthiest Poscast ever :P

New Bombcast page!? NO DON'T! this one is too good. Damn you Snider. It's the rainbow one right? Or is it something super slick?

Posted by GeekyDad

Vinny, Vinny...please...don't interrupt Brad when he's talking about "boobs."

Posted by TheClap

Squirt Protip: If you don't know what Squirt is, Googling "Squirt" will not help.

Posted by SuperJoe

It's the Giant Dong-cast!  Brought to you by Noby Noby Boy, Extenze, and Autofellatio.

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pretty sure Wipeout was the first game to do DLC on the PSP - just to jog the crews memory.

Posted by Goldenroad

Great podcast guys!! Your podcast makes me laugh more than anything else in life! KEEP IT UP

Posted by patrick5152003

that contest sounds like it could lead to no good.

Posted by kimbokasteniv

You know Vinny, you could glue a red piece of vinyl over the battery indicator on the DS. This would allow you to distinguish from the green and red light.

Posted by jersoc

The file is missing :(
Streaming and trying to download gives me the same error.

Posted by ShaneDev

Franky Boyle in lost and damned i must get it

Posted by squirtle_squad

I agree with you guys on the ken thing. i love ken hes been my main character since sf2 but now hearing all this crap that hes easy character to use, i feel like a chump when i pick him so i alternate between him and sagat(which i could never get a handle on in sf2, but since the characters' motions are slower in this game i can use him pretty efficiently).
Another thing the #1 thing ive noticed online is if u play defense you will win. END OF STORY. 
i have to find a way around that and will. For now i prefer sf2 specially hd remix. 

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