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it's Comcastic!! it's Bombcastic! It's Bombtastic!!

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Mana Potion Drink = Bad.  Awesome podcast.

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american Iron Chief is too serious. the judges in the original are better only because i dont know who they are.

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Jammin' to the oldies.

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i <3 bombcast

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Crazy to think they were discussing Milo (Albeit unknowingly) way back here in the very first Bombcast!

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Tony Hawk stepping into Neversoft with a hoverboard..... PROPHETS I TELL YOU !!! PROPHETS !

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Poor past Ryan not knowing how much the Max Payne movie will suck.

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Tony Hawk Innovation Project

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Happy Birthday Dear Bombcast!

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gatorade tiger!

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I love the Bombcast

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I miss all the drinks talk.

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These old Bombcasts are awesome. It's interesting to hear them talk about HD-DVD and the Max Payne movie both of which ended up failing miserably.

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"Take a break from the Cheetos fat man!"

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Funny how RS was saying they were totally shocked by the porting of Bully, yet to this day they have yet to make a port that works better... /fail.

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Edward Norton and Mark Wahlberg in the comic book and videogame movies. The Hulk movie wasn't bad

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Yo what happened to Arrow Pointing Down!?!?! Man F this! Oh well looks like i'll go to the blog, more nostalgic that way.

Edit: Oh i do beg your pardon. They are misplaced in the bombcast order...well that's dumb.

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Hey I like serious smash bros and I'm not crazy..... oh wait I'm listening to a 4 year old podcast at 2 AM

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Duders, old podcast is old. Still rad though. Might I suggest the how to build a bomb series. Good stuff.

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And thus, I go back to the very beginning of the epic bombcast.

RIP Ryan Davis

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I have now listened to every Bombcast..... Man, what to do with my life now? :P

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Posted by Jodski

I have now listened to every Bombcast..... Man, what to do with my life now? :P

After hundreds of hours of bliss you have no doubt forgotten bit hundreds more, all you can do now is Re-listen!

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@jodski: Hmm, maybe i should, i miss Ryan....

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There a mutiple people listening to this in 2014.

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Ill never stop listening to Ryan Davis