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Sweet! Bombcast time!

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:D! Finally

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 fuck yea

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about time :D

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That one part! HILARIOUS.

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can wait
to listen to 
the goodness
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Awesome!  Been waiting for this all day.

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Ugh...I thought we were done with this whole "not updating to iTunes" things. I'm tired and just want to lay in bed and listen....

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No iTunes yet?

EDIT: Nevermind, I got it!

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*edit* o.O in the 7 seconds between when I opened the page, saw 1 comment,and posted.. all those comments showed. wow o_o

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itunes is now updated. it takes A COUPLE OF MINUTES to update after this page goes live, I hope folks can live with that kind of compromise.

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My b! Probably shouldn't have waited a bit longer but I'm just really goddamn tired...

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It is time.

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New art is also on iTunes. Sweetness.

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yo nice

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Thanks, Ryan.  Can't wait to listen!

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Yeah, it's on my iTunes already.

Amazing, guys!

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its not showing up on itunes for me. :(

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hey it's my favorite part about tuesday's besides jeopardy!.

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GRHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I have been waiting all night! Do you guys really stay in the office this late?

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The sound is to loooooooooooow :(

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i can't get it on iTunes.

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cool beans

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Whoa Ryan was on speed there for a second, haha. Man it's late now, so much so i can't stop pointlessly editing this message.

Ok i think i finally stopped editing this message.

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Can't wait to listen to it at school during lectures!

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Yes Maggots.................

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Is it only 1:27 for anyone else? For me it just randomly stops during Vinny saying something about Behemoth's new game.

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'Enter Sandwich' is a fine, fine pun indeed. But maybe 'Mustard of Puppets' instead of 'Custard'... you should totally workshop your spontaneous gags before you record this stuff, Jeff.

P.S. This bombcast made me do the laughing out loud quite a few times. Cheers!

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That was some funny shit. Keep that coffee on tap boys...

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is the bombcast always 64kbps? can barely hear it this week.

oh, and there is a bolt gun in killzone 2.

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Yo fifty, hit up that bombcast!

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Loved it

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I laughed so hard while listening to the Bombcast tonight. Thanks guys!

Long live Cobra.

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Best. Podcast. Ever. Period.

Also poor Ryan

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Yo, Fifty! Shoot this motherfucking crocodile, Fifty!

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Superior Bombcast guys, saturated in awesomeness as always.

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Itunes still not working for me, might be something to do with New Zealand timezones or something?

Oh well, MP3 download will do for now :) looking forward to this
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Yup, in that picture Vinny did look a bit like Bono!

I played Killzone 2 immediately after playing FEAR 2...too, and yeah i sucked at it. Didn't like the button layouts let alone...So yeah i enjoyed FEAR 2 more than Killzone 2 also. Jeff, give it another go!

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Coffee is the best.

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My life is measured in days i have to w8 for another edition of this podcast :D

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I've got G.I.IJOE money with a picture of snake eyes in the centre F-YEAH!

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Best GI Joe eps were the full opening pilot, which had good animation, the one Jeff talks about where Cobra goes bankrupt and has to earn money, and the one about The Viper who keeps leaving messages, and they go all around the world tracking the Viper down.  Last one I still remember after I don't know how many years.

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Stupid iTunes, the bombcast doesn't show up in iTunes on my iPod Touch, and iTunes crashes when i try to sync the iPod... I love Apple!