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@vasta_narada: Ryan often edited the podcast, cutting parts etc. Jeff never does that. I prefer the unedited way of doing it, with Jeff's NPR style once in a while to mix things up.

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What I wish I could see from reviews here for the example of DS2 is one review from somebody in the know who digs it and one review from somebody new to it, maybe sceptical to it but willing to try. At the very least a little quickie write-up from the perspective of a new player, a whole lot of people want to see that with GZ.

Dark Souls 2 compared to the network test, has the very same area in retail looks brightened up bigtime but otherwise like it has the same textures and detail, super slight changes here and there to geometry. Thank the people who cried about the game being too dark for that. The majority of the "misled" people thought the April 2013 IGN video of the PC version played by devs was the console version despite repeated statements in video and wording that it was PC.

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still angry for some irrational reason that lang is younger than me. he's brought us Divekick! what have i done with my life??? :(

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My brain is super dull...I wonder where I could sharpen it up at..if only Giantbomb knew of a website.....

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Jeff and Vinny should bankroll the site with a few motivational speaker appearances.

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@gaminghooligan: I feel for you. I get so nervous at job interviews. I don't think I do too well at them myself. They're awkward

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Man I love you Dave Lang. That laugh when they mentioned the lighting changes in Dark Souls 2 made me so god damn happy

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Earlycast. I'm still at work. Why did I look on Giantbomb! Why!

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Dark Souls 2 is really fun, but I think its super easy as a melee fighter. Every boss encountered is standard with running up and striking them. I like DSII but its seriously easier than both Demons Souls and Dark Souls.

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I love when I get home from work on Tuesday and there's already a Bombcast waiting for me.

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PS3 aka the Widow Maker

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Lauch PS3 aka the Widow Maker haha

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Lang Zone in the house!!!

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lol talking about being a bear, When I used to play Neverwinter Nights 1 on a multi-player lotr server I used to walk around as my possesed higher level familiar, which was a panther, and just say "grrrr!!" and "Growl!" following around low level player characters haha! I used to have sooo much fun!! :D

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That shit story at the end... oh my god. That was beautiful.

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I wondered why no-one ever mentioned that Titanfall's campaign is structured the same as Brink. As frustrating as Brink was, I found that as soon as you added even one other human player onto your team it became exponentially more enjoyable.

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Loved the inside-baseball talk from Lang. It's kind of amazing that the PS3 survived its launch with how much of a mess that system was and still kinda is. The developer perspective makes it sound even worse than we already knew.

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One thing that pisses me off about steam though is when you go to an actual retail store and buy a game in a box with a disc and you go to install the game and all it is a downloader and installer of steam then a code to download and install the game from steam... the whole point of buying the disc is so i can have a hard copy of the game. If i wanted to download a game from steam id go there and download a game from their site. This happened to me when I bought the PC game Aliens: Colonial Wars.

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As a software developer Dave Lang's development stories crack me up.

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Oh man, a Chicago double sounds really good right about now, what is that like a steak sandwich wrapped in a Pizza?

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@amyggen said:

Really loved the discussion about reviews and game criticism. Jeff is the smartest guy in the gaming press when he wants to talk about this stuff.

Totally agree. Always impressed by his professionalism when discussing games journalism.

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I'm really enjoying the "Jeff and Small Businessman Caravella" subplot we've got going here.

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Have to say the Australian beef wars have been enjoyable over the last month or so. I have not laughed out load as much in a long time. If this is the end they will be missed.

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I <3 Dave Lang.

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I thought this was a pretty good bombcast.

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Finally some League of Legends talk on the podcast. Get Patrick to do a LoL feature instead of binding

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Guys what the hell happened to this Podcast

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D-d-d-d-drop the Bombcast.

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@razorsfury: EA has been doing this for awhile now. C&C Anniversary collection was just a big empty box with an Origin download card. The funny part is Origin store lets you buy the "physical copy". It may not necessarily be steam's fault so much as its the publisher's decision to go this route. I dunno. I agree with you, its incredibly stupid.

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Re: Dark Souls invasions, I was going to write about three reasons, but Vinny and Brad got to two of them. I also think it's likely the more pernicious invaders want to troll, and that's harder earlier on when the PvP cheese hasn't been fully figured out. They also did that total Souls thing, though I think that just filled in a loophole of avatar power, game knowledge and skills still remain untouched though...

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Patrick shooting on Peacewalker made me groan. He has no clue what he is talking about.

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Hearing Dave Lang talk about Midway is such a bummer. I feel like they could never fully escape the coin-op mentality that their company was built upon, even long, long after the arcade market was dead and gone. Even games that were developed specifically for consoles always ended up feeling like arcade ports. The real shame is that they seemed to finally be figuring it out near the end (Wheelman, Psi-Ops, etc), but it was far too late. It's a shame, because like Lang said it was obvious that there was a ton of talent working there.

I actually applied to a job there like two months before they declared bankruptcy, I had a phone interview that I thought went pretty well, but never heard anything again. I always wondered if it was because I didn't get the job, or because HR realized there was no point in filling it. Anyway, Midway Games was rad and I miss it, the end.

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Strangely the small businessman adds value to the podcast. I enjoy it thoroughly.

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Say "Like" again. Say "Like" again....

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i guess i have the right to listen to the bombcast without these ads at the start if i wanted to, but they're really funny, so i like to listen to them.

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Dave was super awesome here. Surprisingly informative and hilarious. Interesting.

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@demoskinos said:

Patrick shooting on Peacewalker made me groan. He has no clue what he is talking about.

It's a part of the MGS HD Collection. He has no excuse not to familiarize himself with this gem of a game.

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Woah Woah Woah on the Dark Souls 2 Adaptability stat. If you don't level that thing to 25 you are going to have issues if you plan to dodge anything. People complaining about drinking Estus too slow or their rolling animation happening too slow that is the reason.

Trust me. I've been playing in the Company of Champions were the enemies are more aggressive and have fewer opening.

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For what one dude's opinion is worth, I played through Peace Walker on PS3 and it's a really cool game. I played sneaking missions solo and hosted multiplayer for bosses, so much more hardcore players could drag my ass through the tough parts. The regular ending is wistful and satisfying, and the secret ending is crazy and epic.

In the end I realized, "I spent 30 hours building up Outer Heaven and I'm very OK with that."

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Always glad to hear Dave Lang talk industry, and...

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I auditioned for Persona 5, I was hoping to get the Inquisitive Student part. Instead, I got Small Business Man. Oh well.