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David Lang is the CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios, a Chicago based developer that spun off of Midway.

On May 26th, 2012 he gave a talk about Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition at the Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 8.

In January 2013, Iron Galaxy bought and began development on a console version of Divekick, set to release on PS3, PS Vita and PC during middle of 2013.

Although nothing can compensate for a lack of Dave Lang, Double Fine's Brad Muir is known to be an admirable substitute.

It was confirmed on December 31st 2013 that he would be spearheading a 2014 reboot of the popular game Windjammers. It should also be noted that "Option 5 is officially off of the table", as was noted in a tweet by Lang himself.

Made a "special" announcement during the GDC 2014 Live Stream

Fun fact: He had three girlfriends in high school. Not at the same time though. He is not a dog

Got called David by Gamespot UK's Cam Robinson at E3 2014 and just ran with it.

In September, 2014, Dave Lang and fellow Iron Galaxy member Darryl Wisner released the first episode of their ongoing podcast, #TeamGFB Radio.

Dave Lang has ruined "it" forever.

Dave is currently in the market for a new cell phone.

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