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Posted by GamespotNoMore

Cops!! Heard us talking about wrestling..........this is Sausalito

Posted by JJOR64

Lego Matrix would be pretty cool.

Posted by Scooper

A beautiful picture.

Posted by Brake

I like how, when they're talking about the Microsoft motion controller, Ryan pronounces "at all" that almost makes it sound like Natal. Dundunduun!

Posted by Xanth93

I guess a girl with a sexy voice is more approved than Ryan Davis. Haha!
Great Bombcast.

Posted by scarace360

I hear This is an old bombcast.

Posted by Anwar

oh the hospital mission in GTA 4, awesome.

Posted by Superkenon

"Obsidian's Matthew Rorie..."

Oh, the shape of the past!

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Not even ten comments? You poor bombcast.

Posted by xxizzypop

"Obsidian's Matthew Rorie..."

Oh, the shape of the past!

Never been a truer statement

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So which future Payday dev was listening at 1hr. 35min. when Jeff describes the elaborate multiplayer heist game he'd like to see?