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daaaang that one ugly motha  SHUT YOUR MOUTH! what i just talking bout michael dorn

Posted by Woodtsunami

YES!!! That was MY question about Final Fantasy 7 and Richard Pryor!!!

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???? 3 posts ? what ?

Posted by JeffGoldblum
Actually you made it four posts. Then I made it 5. I think this podcast was put up before comments so that is why it only has 5 posts.
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Congrats to alex on predicting the raiden game holy shit.

Posted by UnsolvedParadox

Been working my way through older Bombcasts for months, this one was awesome!

Posted by Xanth93

Great Bombcast, as usual. And a very late congratulations to Alex Navarro. :)
Also, great prediction about the Raiden games.

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@UnsolvedParadox: same here, man.  Not enough bombcasts a week to slowly aid my pleasant journey into sleep, so I've been scrounging around the old ones. (not an insult to the excitement and awesomeness of the bombcast in any way, I just need actual sounds to be lulled to sleep)
Posted by RipTheVeins

Man, the job rejection from Alex and the punchbowl of awkwardness that followed is one of my favorite moments ever on the bombcast.

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vinny is gonna explode!

Posted by Eaxis

Looking forward to dive into some classic bombcast.
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@hazzard4123:  This
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Vinny mentioning the "potential" of the green screen is so foreboding to current events of WM... it's kinda creepy.

Posted by Anwar

EA buying Take Two... wasn't really paying attention to stuff like this, I'm happy that didn't happen, you know project 10$ for RDR which would suck.

Posted by mrpandaman

Listening to this now, at some points Ryan almost sounds like Patrick

Posted by GenocidalKitten

The first Vinny Bombcast yay!

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vinny is here

Posted by darkcargio

really akward Alex rejection, well at least Vinny got the job. crazy future

Posted by PirateNipple

Timestamp for the 'Richard Pryor tapes' bit: 1:44:40

Came here looking for it.

Posted by paulunga

Finally, Vinny.

Posted by Stonyman65

Oh god, that tape spinner thing over Mike Tyson's left eye is freaking me the fuck out!