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Posted by jper415

It's TUESDAY!!!!!!!

Posted by jper415

Damn, I want that quest! Wish it was still around...

Posted by I_Stay_Puft

nice, bombcast time!

Posted by JakePike218

El Bomb-o Cast!

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I'll listen tomorrow, because I need to sleep tonight!


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"Turds are way worse than hair"

Posted by xanadu

The Shoemaker cometh.

Posted by streetninja

I'm really looking forward to the emails, Shoemaker better not let me down.

Posted by monkeystick

Hi mom!

Posted by Lucri

Oh no, why Brad? Why does it have to be Brad?

Posted by csl316

I expect Jeff's Whatchu Been Playin' section next week to be all One Piece: Unlimited World RED.

Posted by xite

Finally. Finally Bombcast.

Posted by BettyWhite

B Rad

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Posted by Jazz_Lafayette

Brad. What have you wrought?

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Brad takes a winning role in the bombcast and there's still no mention of dota 2 in the description? Is this even a real website???

Posted by nccows

Did the way that this super eloquent podcast description abruptly end with "Brad Shoemaker compiled all the emails this week" crack anybody else up?

Posted by SgtSphynx

Just finished watching the One Piece Quick Look and there was a Bombcast waiting for me. Wonderful.

Posted by Tits_Matador

I wonder how many emails will be about poop.

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The e-mail section can only be amazing with Brad picking them!

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Just what i needed!

You guys never disappoint!

Posted by mlarrabee

Thanks for the email warning. I find intimate-pooping discussions disconcerting.

Posted by Naoiko

WOOOO Bombcast time! I look forward to this day every week. Keep up the good work guys!

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Brad-compiled e-mails both excite and horrify me.

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Posted by billyok

Brad should be the all-time email gatherer. The man's an artist.

Posted by Crono

"Brad Shoemaker compiled all the emails this week."


Posted by Castiel

So it's just going to be a bunch of Dota related emails right?

Posted by GiantLizardKing

The man knows his emails. And his poops

Posted by Luck702

It's tuuuuuesday!

Posted by ripelivejam

if brad compiled the emails, THEN WHO WAS EMAIL?

Posted by SpaceCouncil

Stick it to the man is weird

Posted by BonOrbitz

...more poop emails?

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The Nitro Fish was always my favorite funny car as a kid.

Posted by Dryde

hey everyone its tuesday

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I can say with all honesty I am super disappointed that Cliffy B's new game is free to play. I don't care who is involved; its free to play.

Also, is the new norm going to be 2 hour Bombcasts and not 3 hour?

Posted by solus_impar

Video of John Drake talking about Harvard and being a fun czar.

Posted by bluefoxxy

2:12:48 - Just listened all the way through. Pressing play again. Must listen again.

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"Turds are way worse than hair."

--Dan Ryckert

Posted by friendlypossum

Shoemaker emails from now on please

Posted by DCam

I thought distilling alcohol was forbidden because it was rather easy, especially in the past, to produce methanol in addition to ethanol. And methanol blinds people.

Posted by Moonshadow101

I have a Windows Phone, and yeah, Snap Attack is available. It's pretty fun.

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I like how Diablo and Titan's Quest are the games they try to compare Divinity:OG to. I can't tell if they are messing with us or they really forgot about Baldur's Gate and the Infinity Engine games.

Also, a beer and OJ may or may not be a brass monkey, but it's delicious and pretty popular in Germany.

Posted by Mathey

@crono said:

"Brad Shoemaker compiled all the emails this week."


Uh oh.

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