Posted by andru365

Love the obscure Ghostbusters 2 reference.

This should be included in every bombcast.

Posted by Jackel2072

great show guys! love the site so far!

Posted by Raven_Sword

Why cant I listen to it! theres no play option and I cant even download it cause the tabs dont work.

Posted by Pewpstains

Agreed with Raven.

Posted by nickyvegas

I as wll am having the same problem.

Posted by corn_cracker

yep,tabs still dont work,and i dont know why my net is acting up,i cant listen to the last podcast :(

Posted by SlimDude

Yeah, I had the same issue with the buttons.  Looking at the page source, I found the following link:


Hitting that started the download.  Also note that changing the date on the end of the URL to the appropriate values will let you download the other podcasts as well.  I imagine they'll have the button links fixed soon.

Happy listenin'!
Posted by Anwar

bioshock dlc? shieet have to see if that turned out free or not, haven't tried to download that at all.