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Hey look at that!

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holy shit

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YES!!! :D

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Almost perfect timing.... 10 min. after I checked. Yay!

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It's up! I just downloaded it off zune.

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hup, hup, huzzah!

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Horray! at last I am freed from my life by the BOMB SQUAD!!!

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Wow a 2 hours and 7 min podcast. NICE!

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they need an in-window player or something

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You may notice a slight hiccup during the opening music--it was something not apparent to me during the editing process, but it'll be rectified soon enough. Thanks for your patience everyone!

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Nice.  :D  It's up...

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wheres the itune download?

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Yea that EA dloader SUCKS, I was lazy and did it that why, but Im not paying 5.99 to be able to dload the game again if I need to.  So prob at some point Im pirating the game.  Nice job EA!  Prob should have pirated it in the first place.

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Just so you guys know I had bioshock on the 360 then my 360 died and i never got to finish so needless to say I shit myself when i heard about it coming to PS3. i know nothing about the story past the first hour or so and have kept it that way thanks for the spoiler warning brad totally took my head phones off . . As for making an impact it will no way make a dent in anything but i bet it will sale some units not consoles but the game will sale , , ,awesome show guys great site

keep it gangsa'

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Thanx Brad for ruining Bioshock for me!


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I'm in GOG.com beta and its a nice little service, I went for Fallout 2 straight away but I can't help but think to myself that I'd prefer this on Steam to join a l the games on my unified account so I don't have to use several sites with EA store, D2D, steam and now GOG.com.

So bring Fallout 2 to Steam and I'll buy it for the 4th time :)

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Stupid spoiler!  you said it was comming but the stop button i my itunes is delayed :(

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Another great episode

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awesome! :D

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Well for a dead system, it did see two games released for it this year. I still have one hooked up to my TV and it still runs. The only annoying part about the Dreamcast is the cable coming out of the bottom and the damn VMUs that tend to eat their batteries within half a year.

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I love the bombcast.

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[Insert rant on how much I needed my fix/Bombcast during work.]

[Insert "tuning in now" related statement.]

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The new features sound great, keep it up!

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Ha i found the old clip of jeff gerstmann on good morning america, he called the dreamcast/ps2 an arms race, lol that sounds familiar.

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Nooooooh! You just spoiled Bioshock for me... but meh, not so fussed about that. 

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That was a long-ass 15 minutes.

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Oh man I heard Fade to Black.....that game was terrible

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Uuuugh, I hadn't played Bioshock...

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Could you make a list of all the drink recipes typed out? I'd love a reference for game flavored drinks!  At least a blog post!

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Thank you Brad for the warning. =D  I've managed to not have Bioshock spoiled for me yet, so thank you very much.

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this sucks i was going to buy bioshock thsi weekend and now i know part of the ending

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Lol at all the ppl who claim Bioshock got spoiled for them.  They gave you warning to not listen.

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probaly one of the better bombcasts in a while

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As a wrestler, I can say that WWE, and TNA is crap.  The storys are crap and if you are into the WWE the talking needs to stop! Also as a wrestler, I want to kick jeff for talking crap about wrestling... j/k...

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Valve and Stardock are the answers to PC piracy.

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I doubt any of you guys would notice this comment at this point, but I just launched Steam and noticed that Crysis Warhead will be available sometime in September.  So no ridiculous EA download system to deal with and I also noticed that they are selling the original game alone and in a combo pack that includes the original and Warhead for $70.   So Brad or Vinnie or whoever check it out.

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Great bomb cast

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LOL, "Crysis and Warhead now available on Steam."


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Hey Bombcast (Ryan, Jeff, Vinnie, Brad)

First I wanted to say that I've been listening to you guys for awhile, back to Gamespot and all that, and I think you guys are hilarious and informative, packed into gamer bodies, hydrated with Gamer Fuel. I.E. you guys are fun to listen too. While I agree with a large majority of your opinions and think most of you know what your taking about, the recent issue of Piracy that came up in the 9-92008 Podcast got me a little aggravated.

First off, I believe it was Jeff who said games with DRM don't sell. I actually yelled at my laptop "Yeah?! What about Sins of the Solar Empire?!" No DRM OF ANY KIND and already its sold more than 500,000 units.  Yeah.

Anyways, on to piracy. The way I see it, games over a certain age period she be property of Public Domain. Contra kicks ass. Bionic Commando rocks. Tetris is Tetris. and everyone in the world should at least play a game Super Mario Bro's.

I pirate games. I had spore the day before it launched. I fucking HATE Securom. It bashes computers in the kneecaps with overtly heavy handed protectins that are designed to punish those who do it the "right way"

I have downloaded games off the internet that I had when I was younger. I bought these games fairly when I was just a wee lad, and over the years the discs have either been, lost, broken, stole, destroyed, or so scratched to hell that they have become unviable. I then went and redownloaded these games with the intent of simply ENJOYING the games that I had already purchased, retaining the hold on the I.P. and not on the physical medium itself.

In the case of newer games that I did not already own, you might be astonished to find out that I went and bought MOST, not all, but most of the games I had.

Piracy will continue to happen, and the more draconian that publishers get, the worse it will be for everyone involved. You cant keep the dedicated ones away, but a simple Disc-Check will stop 90% of the 'casual pirates' from swiping stuff through pure malice.

So I hope you guys understand (you who get a vast majority of your games FREE) that those of us who dont have the luxury of free games, feel rightly incensed about 'renting' a game that we paid good money for.

Other then that, I still plan on listening to you guys every week, I still laugh at the funny shit you guys say, and I still wanna say.......BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMBCAST!
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God Jeff, the gameplay in BioShock isn't that bad.

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I'm actually the one who pointed out the table regarding Viva Piñata and KI3. It's in the comments at MundoRare.
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the complaints about how to download PC games, may continue with origins.com

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The dreamcast had one of the best controllers ever. IMO only bested by the 360 controller. And by best I'm talking about how it felt in the hand, and the ergonomics. Worst ever is the dual shock. Thumb-angle on those analog sticks.. horrid.

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The DC controller was one the most uncomfortable EVER...the 360 controller is the best but still loved the SNES too