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A little late is better than never!

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Will you please change the banner. Tired of seeing the cop theme.

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Finally! Time to do homework while listening :D

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So much first fail on one page!

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hurray bombcast!

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I don't really mind Jeff-less podcasts just because that means Patrick gets to fill-in

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Finally we will talk about the Rage light-gun game!

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Total Recall thingie scares me.

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Wow, even Breaking Bad! Can't wait to see what happens next week on that show!

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This is the Jazz hour

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Yeah Breaking Bad!

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Get my bombcast on! Oh wait no jeff...

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I hope there's no Breaking Bad spoilers. I haven't started this season yet.

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I always get caught off guard by the new theme.

Also, yeah those Rage things on Breaking Bad were super weird, but the latest episode had the most inexplicable featured game: Sonic The Hedgehog for 360. It was followed by the best 10 minutes I've seen on TV all year, so it's redeemable.

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Found me the bomb? I'm talking bout' that bombcast

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Moar lile Breaking Brad amirite?


I'll show myself out.

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Oh god that intro made me too uncomfortable.

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Stoked to have something to listen to during my first jury duty ever. Laughing weirdly to myself might get me voir dired right out of there though.

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I need this so bad. Horrible day.

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If you're going to establish Patrick as a regular on the show and change the theme, isn't it about time to change the banner?

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almost 3 three hours, jeez, i think the guys might be doing or on meth while recording the bombcast

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It's finally here! :D

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Yay Bombcast... *looks at picture....listens to intro...... O.o.... ..... .......

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I'm an internet

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The intro is already great.

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Breaking Bad discussion? On my bombcast?

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@Chadster said:

Breaking Bad discussion? On my bombcast?


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I'm cool

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2 hours and 54 minutes. That's my kind of Bombcast.

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Insta-buy!! Oh, nevermind.....

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Best thing to listen to while I play BF3.

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Creepy mutant stomach baby FTW

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See you at the party, Ryan!

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One small room full of Breaking Bad bitches.