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Wow, First? Weird music.

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good to finally hear from you guys

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Speed Racer?! I'm game.

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Yummy, jet lag bombcasts are the shit!

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Wow, the image is a toilet? Boy am I excited to listen to this podcast :P.

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Love the Neo-Tokyo theme song

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Awesome crazy music

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Yeah its good to finally hear from you guys, from tokyo.

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Damn, killer intro music.

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hey about to listen in, 

been playin LBP most of the day so now im all exhausted and ill listen to you guys!

oh and speed racer?? i seriously enjoyed that film so i wanna hear that discussion
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Ya bombcast, the more the merrier.

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Cool. Tokyo Bombcast. Who could ask for more?

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Music blowing my miiiiiiiiiind.

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Early, awesome! Well early for us...late for them.

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That's funny, I saw Speed Racer just yesterday. That movie's all over the place, all kinds of crazy...

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Awesome show!

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Thanks for the Bombcast.  It was a nice birthday present for me.

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yeah dude speed racer is AWESOME! LOL and the backround on the home page reminds me of it

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A photo stream would have been cool too. But Tokyo Bombcast, hot damn!!!

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technically, its pronounced 'chew-high', and while okay, you gotta get you some of the black nikka whiskey if you want the TRUE cheap whiteguy booze sesh.

pretz roast is my favourite snack ever, only threatened by regular, non-masculine pocky.
disagree, jeff.  sprite 3g is balls.
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I enjoyed this one more than others I've listened to. Thanks :x

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DSi miami...excellent.

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hey guys the way you pronounce "chu-hi" is chu- HIGH!  It's pretty good stuff.  I'm pretty sure that the tea Brad and Vinny have is "mugi-cha".  Which is barley tea!  I live in Osaka, I wish I was there in Tokyo with you guys!  Keio Plaza Hotel is freaking awesome!  Great show!  If you get the chance go to the "Family Mart" and grab a Karage-kun fried chicken.  Ask the dude at the counter! haha  See you dudes!

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I definitely wish I could be there to go to TGS, hope you all have fun in Tokyo!!!

....Then again, I heard that Tokyo is known for not being too fond of Black people, so maybe I would get alot of stares if I went....who knows....

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guarana is a fruit found in south america that works like red bull, and gives massive energy temporarily.

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hey, great podcast as usual! i have a question, are you guys gonna be there (tgs) on saturday and sunday? hope you are and i bump into you!

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Tokyo, huh? Watch out for Godzilla.

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who the hell makes those shit music intros

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Great bombast, I gotta see these arcades for myself to believe it.

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Get some sleep guys!  Good show... I'm feeling the enthusiasm for TGS.  Get that HD cam and some gaming word on the streets.  I never been to Japan and am looking forward to yer guys take on the scene.

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It is pronounced  chuuu-Hi       Hi as in "Hi, how are you doing?"  phonetically chuuhai
A fav among women.

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Great BombCast guys, let TGS come and show all these awesome games.. :) I'll be here to check out the coverage, for sure.

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Its Chu-hi. Its a beverage people drink who dont want to drink beer, whiskey, sake but want to somehow get drunk. 

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From the new Giantbomb splash page, it looks like Vinny is the first Super Saiyajin that isn't a gym enthusiast.  Congrats!

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Speed Racer was freaking awesome!

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to much nintendo crap

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"In the year 3000!"

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yayyy!! drink segment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chu hai is a mixed drink with as shochu base, which is Japanese hard liquor (and vile). Chu hai is pronounced chew hi (as in eating and hello).

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Speed Racer is not a good movie, a lot of eye-candy, crazy wipes and floating heads, but not really good.