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Welcome back. Hope you all enjoyed your trip. Can't wait to listen to the show.

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Welcome back Bombcast 'cast'!

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Downloadin'. Slowly but surely. Stupid cruddy internet. Sounds like it should be a good podcast.
Awesome games everywhere.

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Fable II sounds amazing according to Vinny's description.

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another good podcast

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yay just in time to burn it on a cd for my road trip.

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woot, awesome way to end my day before heading to work tomorrow.

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yayay bombcast!!!

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sweet been missing y'all

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Hell yeah, my e-mail got read! LONG LIVE STREET FIGHTER EX.

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Rockin' Show!!

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Awesome! I've been jonesin' for this one!

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Another great show, loved hearing Vinny talk about Fable II. Definitely think I'm gonna pick it up now. Dead space sounds rad, too.

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Brad, you wanna see pain?  First Methodist Tuesday nights, see the guys with testicular cancer. That's pain.

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Another Good Show !!!

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hope u guys talk about gears of war 2 soon

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awesomeness. trés bien. gonna get some chicken and rice and continue listening

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I really hope Midway sheds the Mortal Kombat license, even if it's not technically a license, to another Company or to the MK Team themselves. Maybe to a company that still does arcade machines, and 'really' return MK to its roots.

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Entertaining as always. I appreciated the Dead Space nod from Brad. That game is definitely ahead of Gears of War as a single player third person shooter.

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yeah i guess im one of the few thoroughly enjoying socom. its a blast. bugs asside, i've played dozens of matches so i think its not so "across the board" as you say. 

lol LBP, the cutest family friendly fun community based game, almost caused mass riots and even injuries and deaths! WOW! Why so serious?!?! Loosen up people. If christians were so easily offended, the world might have ended by now. 
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that was very entertaining. I just wish it was longer. Like maybe 2.5 hours,but i guess im asking for too much.

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Did Brad leave half way through the show? Weird. Awesome show as always.

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Dr. Dre reference! I liked that bit very much, Jeff.

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Great Bombcast!,  no mention of Princess debut though...

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I was kind of hoping they would explode over Namco Bandai charging 5 bucks for Yoda and Darth Vader.

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if you use the clockwork thing to get more cash, the next time you log on your toon, you get max point corruption ... lol
and yes, i learned that ... the hard way.

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The game that I hated that everybody told me was awesome was Dead Rising. Without a doubt the biggest piece of crap I have ever played in my life.

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Hello from rainy !

With regards to the recent controversy surrounding PC game piracy:

I run a little recording studio in my bedroom using various recording software and plug-ins which require there own licences. These licences are all stored on a single USB dongle called an ilok (www.ilok.com). The beauty of this system, is that is allows me to install the software on as many PC’s as I like, but the software will only run if the ilok is currently plugged into that specific PC. Do you guys think that the game industry would benefit from moving towards a piracy prevention system such as this?

Mark Anderson -

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great podcast guys u guys rule

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Great show, and julius is in the game. Just go into one of the rooms upstairs in the police station.

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Another awesome bombcast. I can't believe Jeff bashed Dave Halverson. I had commented on Jeff's review of Too Human that his and Dave's tastes for games were nearly polar opposites. Anyways, I posted a blog on the subject with a link to Dave's article that spurned Jeff's comment: http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/Dryker/blog/
I would really like to hear my fellow Giantbombers thoughts on the matter.

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Thanks Vinnie for understanding us muslims!!!

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More typical bowing to muslim pressure out of fear. Other religions are not as respected simply because they do not terrify people like islam.

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Jeff has still that 'uncut' LBP, what does he want to do with it? Plasticwrapped even