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wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii      It's up.    lol

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BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMBCAAAAAAAAAAAAST!!!! oh yays! a new releasecast? opinions? Excellent!

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yay ;p

Posted by Daveyo520

YES double the podcast, ummm even though this is the one that is supposed to happen.

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w00t! Bombcast!

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The boys are back in town.

Posted by WholeFunShow

Man, I hear that inventory perfectionism so much, in Elder Scrolls IV I restarted after about 30 hours & minmaxed the skill for inventory (then gave up after the damn tutorial, almost certainly to never attempyt again.)

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but not no more
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Brad's opinions on Far Cry 2 were spot on. There's a lot of shit that'll piss you off...hahahaha, the throat clearing thing just made me giggle like a school girl as i'm typing this.....anyways, a lot will piss you off but for some reason it's still fun.

Posted by onenar

awesome like always.  the song at the end was pretty good

Posted by litlike

about littlebigplanet search youtube for little big computer,
fallout sonds cool i liked oblivion so there ya go.
Great bombcast as always.

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Oh come on Ryan... you know you laughed when you saw Ozzy singing La Bamba. And there is indeed a downloadable store... at least on the PS3 version (and I would imagine 360 version).

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I can't stop listening to that dude's song. My heart belongs to giant bomb too <3. Was that some sweet contra in the end?

Posted by Meltbrain

Hahaha, awesome bombcast. I totally laughed my ass off at the Fallout 3 Truman Show joke, I totally had those experiences in Oblivion, too.

Posted by jangofett88

"Kentucky Fried Fucking Chicken!!!" Haven't laughed that hard since the Tyrkish Pebber taste test.

Posted by diz

Its nice to see you got some extremist Islamist lyrics in your bombcast outro music ("like a radical Sheite" -  right at the end). Are you planning to recall the podcast?

Fantaastic cast - as ever.

Posted by elektrixx

I hope the podcast war between GB and 1UP continues.

Posted by killdave

The end song .. urgh ...

Im sending you guys the dry cleaning bill for my vomit covered shirt ... !!

nice bombcast - nice length 

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Christ, Brad, what difficulty level did you play Far Cry 2 on that made it so hard for you? The start of the game wasn't that frustrating for me--not frustrating at all, really. My big complaint with the game is the repetitive nature of the missions: go here, kill some fools (or a fool, along with his foolish cronies), get a reward. I don't think the combat is terribly hard...mind you, I'm playing on the normal difficulty setting.

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Ha, love the song at the end... I think.

Posted by Joey2683

Lol, what is this Steven Seagal picture? You guys are hilarious. When your down you can always count on Steven Seagal to make you laugh! It's too easy.

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Gah Ryan is such a hater lol. Love the seagal pic! glad you played Evan Brass' song at the end.

Guitar Hero World Tour isnt that good because its developed by Neversoft...end discussion!

Posted by John
Apropiate Steven Seagal pic, yo.
Posted by Gruff182

Good Podcast.

Song at the end was slightly disturbing, dude is undeniably talented though. Just a little bit Simple Plan-esque, for my liking.

Posted by Jussy

Awesomeness! Loving the ending song, I'll be humming that all week "RyanVinnyJeffandBrad!"

Posted by kingmasters

ahhh the GB crew got laid thats better than guitar hero

Posted by reversethedevil

ho-ly shit! i did not expect the outtro.

Posted by White

I'll eagerly anticipate someone mash together some 1:30min opening video using the "Disney Song" with shots of like Jeff and Brad zipping from the sides and flashing their names "Starring Jeff Gerstmann as Himself".

C'mon youtubers.

Posted by zegolf

I have a can of the Asian Experience Steven Segal energy drink at my desk.  I drank one once.  I'm pretty sure Goji Berries are made out of shit.  Actual human shit.

Posted by frenchdork

I feel so emo after listening to the ending...

Posted by yellownumber5

My favorite podcast on the net.  I never miss one.  These four dudes make the perfect formula.  Jeff the experienced know it all.  Ryan keeping everyone in check.  Brad and Vinny a good spectrum representing the everyman gamers with beyond everyman experience in game journalism.  GB is now my homepage.

Sounds like your weekend was a blast.  Sometimes you just need a good coconut break in-between slaving to get every single game out.  The quick vague details of real life going on behind the scenes makes your site more relevant and fun.  It makes me trust your opinions the most.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

Great BombCast.  Even greater stalker song at the end.  Good day.

Posted by BawaTheGamer

I love this podcast. Its the first podcast ive ever listened to and ive listened to all its episodes. You 4 are great.Always entertaining. As of last week, ive started listening to 1up yours due to alot of praise i heard about it here. Its good but bombcast still the best.

On another note did any1 listen to last weeks or the week befores,1up your episode? One of the dudes was talking about the gaming podcast awards , and he said to try  and spread rumours that Brad touches little kids. That was weird. Seems the 1up your team rcognises bombcast as their rivals.HMMM.

Posted by Ma7moud

The ending song is awesome.

Posted by Axion

Had the exact same "whoops with the Armory robot" in Megaton that Jeff had, except I ran out of town and went to the store, hoping it would all be ok later. Fortunately it was.

Where's the morgue? Dead bodies never go! I want to adopt the Sherriff's son.

Posted by HazBazz

That Giant Bomb theme tune is still awesome, even after hearing it about 10 times now

Posted by ms3boy

SO, you know that someone has to put that ending song from 10/28/2008's podcast into Guitar Hero World Tour right? I don't have the game (yet) myself, but if that someone has to be me so be it.

Posted by NickNorman

What's it got in it?


Already laughing hysterically two and a half minutes in. I LOVE GIANT BOMB.

Posted by WholeFunShow

So... did y'all get laid?

Posted by BlueMonk3y

Whats that amazing song at the end? Its really cool.

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Posted by Axion

people still looking for the song - go here

Posted by rabidoyster

Perhaps a bad question, but what is that music from the middle of the podcast for the intermissions? Is that original or from a game?

Posted by F1

Best podcast on the net! Keep it up!

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