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Posted by CaptainNovolin

Hooray for bombcasts

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Posted by Eaxis

Yeah, a new bombcast!

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Drop a bomb on it!

Posted by Anwar

Hello there early bombcast.

Posted by virtuosoz


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I am interested in hearing about this "Dota" game.

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I am so excited.

Posted by Nev

Hurray hurrah a Bombcast!

Posted by noizy

I love the bomb.

Posted by WillieMcBride

Dota? What is that?

Posted by AMyggen

Dota is back!

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Woooooo, now I have something to fall asleep to!

Posted by Velutha

Now it feels like Tuesday!

Posted by weegieanawrench

Is Jeff secretly into Dota? Find out this week!

Posted by Clonedzero

I tried that mayo grilled cheese mentioned in an earlier recent bombcast, reporting that its awesome.

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I'm taking you down to dota city girl

Posted by pnevares

Dang, this is the quickest I've ever noticed the Bombcast was up. My podcast player actually says posted: "now".

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Posted by TheYear20XX

Is Dota City near Headshot City?

Posted by Abendlaender

Dota references making their triumphant return

Posted by 1337W422102


Posted by Stimpack


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You know Jeff's back because the Dota description jokes are back. Never change Jeff.

Posted by noizy

MX518. Hell yea. I'm with you Brad. Mine died recently after 6-7 years of service. Had a look around and just went back to perfection. Bought the G400.

Posted by Winternet

And the word Dota makes its triumphant return.

Posted by cloudymusic


Posted by Johnny5

Gonna miss Vinny hosting :(

Posted by 1337W422102

@noizy said:

MX518. Hell yea. I'm with you Brad. Mine died recently after 6-7 years of service. Had a look around and just went back to perfection. Bought the G400.

Hell fucking yes. I'd been using my MX518 for about 7 years and the only problem I had was the wheel acting up in the last few months. I replaced it with a G400s.

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This should go without saying, but DO NOT FOLLOW VINNY'S LEGAL ADVICE.

Posted by xite

Welcome back dota

Posted by Osmiles

Our long national nightmare is over. Dota is back in the description .

Posted by Beanz122

Sad we didn't get the awesome intro again. But I can't complain about a bombcast!

Posted by Coolarman

I feel like when brad does the ads he should be speaking in a real hushed voice. Kind of like NPR or something. Just my two cents

Posted by Perkunas

To add to the video card discussion, lots of video card makers have those free games. I bought a 7850 last fall with Far Cry 3 and Hitman: Absolution for the same price it would be without them. I probably wouldn't have played either without it.

Pretty nice deals.

Posted by Milkman

The discussion (or lack thereof) about the Twitter "controversy" from this weekend is exactly why Giant Bomb is the only video game website that matters.

Posted by ghostyTrickster

I recently lost my G400 after an unfortunate night of drinking. I'm kind of tempted to get the Dota 2 mouse because it comes with a Dota item that sells for as much as the mouse sells, but then I wouldn't have a G400 and that hurts me to think about.

Posted by Flappy

I'll get to this baby once the game is over. Let's go Heat!

Posted by bkbroiler

where is this supposed llama video at? i want my money back

Posted by Lanechanger

La Bombe de Grande!!!

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Too bad Obama doesn't listen to this, he could have used SquareSpace for his website... xD

Posted by SgtSphynx

No shit, while I was deployed to Iraq, we busted a drug ring on Al Asad Air Base because a dude straight up handed one of the Counter Intelligence guys a sack of weed while I was talking to him.

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Lets go do some Elevator hits man.

Posted by Linkster7

When the kids in my class did that press chest thing they did it with the intent of making them selfs pass out. It looked dangerous.

Posted by Pirsig

Sadly I'm familiar with the nutmeg thing, you can thank being in college in the middle of nowhere oklahoma. You eat it, and you have to eat a lot of it, like 30 grams or more if I remember right (over an ounce). You eat it straight and it becomes severely painful, drying out your mouth and throat and cutting it up. We mixed it in with eggnog and it becomes more tolerable. it's like dreaming while being awake, but not quite, once you do finally consume enough to feel anything. It's not great, I'm not proud of it, I don't recommend it and me and my friend never did it again.

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This is my favorite DOTA news podcast! Keep it up, guys!

Posted by Fram

@brad where's that llama video?!?

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