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You ready? Let's do it...

Posted by TheYear20XX

That is Tommy Tallarico.

Posted by spiceninja

So weird. 
I just posted a comment on the other one about a Day Two. I JUST DID!

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Posted by NintenDood

Sweet, Mega64!

Posted by Ozzie

I'm loving this, keep em coming

Posted by Se7enthSamurai

Tommy Tallarico represent!..How I long for the Judgment Day g4 days *sigh*.

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YAH! 6 mins before 3 am!   
Someone better make a Lincoln Force flash game or something soon. It has come to at least that level.
When ever I check the new Bombcast now, I always wonder what Drew did to get arrested.

Posted by bluesun

Great micro on this podcast by Ryan.

Posted by Darkstar614

wow nice, Mega64!

Posted by Victor018

Awesome!, My two favorite podcasts together!

Posted by supermike6

Going to Mexico early tomorrow, I guess I'll listen to this one next week!

Posted by Claude

Oh shit, I missed day one. I suck. Maybe I'll check back later, this one is a go.

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Posted by takua108

Hoarse Vinny sounds like Dave. :\

Posted by CoolDrMoney

Mega 64 + GB worked well on video last PAX, let's hope it pans out on the bombcast as well

Posted by DukesT3

bombcast and gin. greatest mix ever. 

Posted by Hemlock

hell yeah mega64

Posted by Capum15

Woo, awesome. I'll let this load and listen to it later (Jackass #2 is on Comedy Central, haven't seen it, only about 15 minutes into it, pretty funny, heard it was gross).

Posted by MisterSamMan

Awesome combination! Great podcast!

Posted by FCKSNAP

Mega 64? :/ I guess it's ok, but they're not as great when they aren't making vids. 
Also, Tommy Tallarico is so awesome! I remember when ElecPlay was on UPN and Reviews on the Run was so cool, kinda like an early prototype for 1upshow where they would meet in weird locations and talk games (except in a format that fit "mainstream" TV better). Good times, except I never got into EP when they went online.

Posted by Hemlock

oh man chip grip joke not even a minute in
tt-allarico is the image
this is too good

Posted by TomA

Ahh yeah Mega64 is the best!

Posted by sk0ney

vinny upload the speed-tree video

Posted by Cornman89

MOAR Lincoln Force!

Posted by Legend

Giant Bomb is awesome. Mega64 is awesome. Giant Bomb+Mega64 is FRIKKIN' AWESOME!! Now I'm afraid to hit the play button. I'm not sure my computer can handle all the awesomeness.

Posted by FieryPayne
@Se7enthSamurai said:
" Tommy Tallarico represent!..How I long for the Judgment Day g4 days *sigh*. "
Such good times man. back before the whole tech tv b.s.  Blister, g4tv.com, cheat, cinematec, portal, arena, pulse, e.p, etc. such a better channel then...
Posted by Time_Lord

Something to listen to on the way to work

Posted by Monkeyman04

DURGERS! (So apperently are real things 
 This was such a funny bombcast. 

Posted by Undeadpool

I'm mainlining these Bombcasts directly into my eye!! 
Probably should just put it onto my MP3 player...seems a lot simpler...

Posted by beanZfury

Tommy is such a small, yet bomb-bastic individual. Super friendly guy and doesn't mind shaking hands and taking pics in smallburg town (especially when there are ladies dressed like Chun-Li and Cammy that can make the trip back to his tour bus... heh-heh). He puts on a great show (even if he plays the Halo theme on guitar; and could do without the WoW musical...). VGL's my life in 60 seconds was funny... and true.

Posted by RedRoach
@FieryPayne:  they still make judgment day in Canada, but it's called reviews on the run. tommy isn't on anymore, and the show just went daily. they now review games, movies etc. you can watch at reviewsontherun.com
Posted by lockwoodx

Too much sony hype. Are they funding this site now?

Posted by paulosaurus

This was one of the funniest, most insane Bombcasts I've ever listened to.  Awesome.

Posted by Rhaknar

should i feel bad about not knowing who Tommy Tallarico is? :(

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Second and final???? What a bummer... and yeah, Mega64 is going to add an extra layer of crazy to the Bombcast.

Posted by DeathbyYeti

I smell garlic

Posted by Tovan

Dude whaaaat? Mega64? This is going to be awesome.

Posted by SinGulaR

Hidden laughs at the end really freaked me out :D
Posted by Globox82
@Buzzkill said:
" Too much sony hype. Are they funding this site now? "
WTF? they barely said anything on PS3
Posted by NeoNaoNeo

Best bombcast ever, invite Mega64 back

Posted by Cypher
He has produced music for many video games, was one of the hosts of Electric Playground, and is one of the frontrunners of Video Games Live.
Posted by Capum15

Awesome Bombcast.

Posted by sixghost

Eh, didn't like the guests so much.

Posted by destruktive

My two favorite forces of gaming interwebz :D:D
Good stuff ;)

Posted by faustyn

MEGA 64 <3 awesomeeeeeeee!

Posted by robertsavage

yes another Bombcast cant ask for nothing better 

Posted by InFamous91

Good Ol' Judgement Day :(...It great he still contributing to video game industry with Video Game Live. 

Posted by CharAznable

Thank God I have this episode to get me through a miserable Saturday at work. You're saving my life right now.
Also, The Mega64 dudes are hilarious. I'd love to see them return for another Bombcast.

Posted by Shadow

His review show being removed corresponded to the utter destruction of everything good about G4.