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That was awesome.

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Gamespot, what's that? GiantBomb, oh yeah! I want more of that! Oh and I am European... but I totally agree about the germans, they are not a part of us! Trust me come the Netherlands. Smoke, game and... Ok nevermind.

Rich Gallup! Surely miss you from ON THE SPOT, but meh go away with gamespot.

Posted by mrharryman

You guys never disappoint, that's all I have to say.

Oh, and hearing Rich again was awesome.

PS Just saw Jeff's comments - "It's meant to be a fun little bonus for the people who still care about the old gang." Count me in as someone who definitely cares about the old gang. Any time you guys want to get together and talk mess, I'll be first in line to listen.

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My life is now complete.

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I have only one thing to say... fuck.

That is all

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I brought a huge grin to my face to hear Rich, Alex and Matt are guesting – This is the Giant Bomb dream team in full effect ladies and gentlemen.
Keep up the unbelievably top notch work guys.
Hope to see Rich, Alex and Matt making more appearances on Giant Bomb. No scratch that! Please, offer them a damn job - I’m sure like the rest of us, they're sick of working for 'the man' by now.
Great stuff! May your thumbs mash buttons for the rest of eternity.

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I DEMAND RICH GALLUP ALL THE TIME!!! Just listening to this podcast was good fun :) Good Job

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Dude, I feel as if I'm getting drunk just listening to this podcast, there's some serious rambling going on in this Bombcast. Fantastic stuff, keep 'em coming.

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Goddammit! This is a great podcast!

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Did you guys go get a sandwich?

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Ahh reminds me of the good old HotSpot days......

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Awesome!!! :)

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I never expected Rich to be so uptight.

There was a post somewhere in here that said "the day you guys become all professional is the day I stop listening!" I completely agree.

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The first minute DID make me hard.

This is the reason that the classic Hotspot shows were so amazing and why Rich, Alex and a few other ex-Gamespotters need to join Giant Bomb. >_>

Carrie and Greg at next years PAX, please!

Posted by BadObsession

The first minute DID make me hard.

This is the reason that the classic Hotspot shows were so amazing and why Rich, Alex and a few other ex-Gamespotters need to join Giant Bomb. >_>

Carrie and Greg at next years PAX, please!

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Like Rich Gallop was back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

damn that was fun to hear.

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Wasted Im so wasted .. :)

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Urgh the seven way podcast means bad recording. :( Oh well.

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Ohh... the memories

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When i say button, you say mashing,


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Riiiiiiiiiich!!  Man, that takes me back!!
For some reason Rich's intro gave me Halo 2 flashbacks..hmm

Pretty good Podcast, but the structure seems to falter when combined with alcohol and/or many participants on the show. ;)  But great to see (hear) some old faces.

I smiled for myself and exclaimed "It's a scooner" at the exact moment Ryan (it was Ryan right?) delivered that line. It seems nobody else on the show had the same Viewaskew knowledge...

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Rich isn't uptight, he's just a tad more classy and professional ^_^

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Oh boy, the best Bombcast yet!

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Great Bombcast guys. Nice to hear some familiar voices there.

btw, Europe hates Rock Band.... so someone does lol!

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That guy had the best cosplay ever. Good to hear Rich again.

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Man, FUCK RICH GALLUP! lol. I'm jk. But, I guess I see where he's coming from. All those years of doing his college radio show with cursing scarred him for life. So, now he doesn't want to anymore. Of course, I love it when Jeff and Ryan, etc. curse. We don't get to hear them curse too often. I don't know why. Is it more professional, perhaps. But I want real. If you guys really curse a lot, then fuck it, go ahead. But then again, you guys might've been drunk. You know what? Nevermind. *goes back to 1UP Yours*

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I'm a big Rich fan but  I gotta say his input was disappointing - never realised he was so prissy regarding curses - the 1up guys are cool!  Also whoever made that 3/5 star comment (was it Rich?) should not be on the podcast again.

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Rorie. Gallup. Navarro.

Enough said already.

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It was great Jeff! We appreciate it greatly and eagerly await some footage of the PAX Panel!

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Insane. Thank you for this.

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Awesome.  Rorie + Gallup + Navarro + Giantfuckingbomb = WIN

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Not saying i don't swear, cause i do, but seriously you guys don't need to swear to sound funny or someshit, i don't know if it's just me but i think the podcast would be much better without it. But i'm not exactly picking on this weeks podcast cause i understand most of you guys were hammed. Anyway cool i guess.

Posted by Eli

Can someone please post the Mortal Kombat video thing with the German guy filming some girls ass? Sounds fuckin hilarious.

Posted by I_am_Lono

Was Gallup drinking too?

Panda Power Bomb =

  • 1/3 Wild Turkey
  • 1/3 jagermeister
  • 1/3 blue curacao
  • 1/3 Gordons Gin
  • 1/3 Bison Grass Vodka
  • 1/3 Kina Lillet

Serve in a highball glass, with ice. . .and on fire.
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The Tables Have Turned Rich Gallup, THE TABLES HAVE TURNED!!!

Posted by SoulTaker

One of the best podcast on the site.  Loved seeing everyone reunited.

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The old gang is what connected me to Giant Bomb from the beginning, and this site is an extension of what made that site great. I want meaningful reaction to games and all the mess behind it, without getting carried along in the shitstorm that surrounds every release (MKvsDC excluded).

Rich is an entertaining and generally savvy guy and on the HotSpot a major part of his role was to move things on when called for. Give him the lead on any audio/video and it will always be a smooth and balanced production.

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Great podcast, but disappointing input from the guests (except Matt maybe).  I expected a little bit more.  Still great to hear all of those guys again, brings back a ton of memories.

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Greatest Bombcast ever!

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dooood that was awesome.

i coud just see rich wincing in pain with every curse! poor guy. he seamed really uncomfortable. id love him to be on again. really sad to hear about the pro wrestler..

jeffs.. moment was touching as  anything. i have so much respect for the guys on here its crazy.

and we need to start a time trotters "the lost episode" patition. if it hasnt been started already. IT MUST BE SHOWN!!!

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best intro ever!

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Great podcast guys but the sound quality left a lot to be desired.

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Gotta say I'm on board with Rich on this one. I wasn't really feeling it. Maybe it was the more-than-usual cursing, maybe it was the drunkeness, or a combo of the two, I don't know.  Just.....please don't podcast when you're drunk. It's not fun to listen to.

Posted by FinalBoss

Wow what a great Bombcast. It was really great to have the old gang back togather. The intro was classic, it was awesome to hear Rich intro a podcast again. If only they all were on the Bombcast normally. There is just such a great connection between all seven of them that it remminds me of the good old day's. Best of luck to Rich, Alex and Matt on there carreers (can't wait to play your games). The end was also a cool refferance to the old day's.GIANT BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMB.COM

Posted by schizogony

Utter garbage. I'm probably done with the Bombcast and done with this site.

Posted by DarthimusPrime

Don't listen to these guys! The Podcast was hilarious but I have to say, and I hate to, but Rich really was kind of a wet blanket. I think he was afraid he'd offend his mommy with the potty mouth. Time to grow up Rich!

Posted by DavidSnakes

I'll be honest, this was a shitty podcast.  Way too many dudes in one room trying to talk at once.  There's a reason Jeff never said "PENIS FUCK DICK" on the Points! videos; because it was just one dude making a video.  The more people you pack into a room to do a podcast, the greater the propensity for stupid bullshit.

Posted by SuperJoe

What's up with all the party-poopers here?  The amount of profanity in this podcast is nothing compared to those hipster pottymouths at 1up.

Posted by Relys

This was hilarious.

And yeah, we don't mind the swearing. If you didn't you'd sound really creepy instead of drunk.

I wish I was at PAX and could give you guy's HI5's, but I fucking live in Alaska.